Soil Building

Korean Natural Farming The natural ecosystem is where plants have grown and thrived for thousands of years. Of several ways you could do that, nothing comes close to Korean Natural Farming (KNF). Old forests are teeming with bacteria and fungi - too much for marijuana. An ideal location and you are blessed is to grow in a zone between a forest and wild grasses. If you have enough indigenous microorganisms, plants, animals, and minerals, then KNF might just be for you. Organic Soil Marijuana has thrived in soil mediums for a long time, as did other plants. But which type is suitable? As it turns out, there are quite a few to choose from. Not only can you use each independently but also in combinations. You can do it the easy way, buying organic potting mixed, for example. Or, you could also make your own. If you need help doing just that, then this is the right place to seek the answers to all questions on this substrate. Soil Recipes Commercial potting mixes are readily available, but you could also make them yourself. The best thing about making them your own, for one, is that you spend way less money. But that is not all. You also get to customize the substrate and keep tweaking it as needed throughout the growth cycle. If all the ways you could throw into the mix confuses you, then find help here from others who have been doing this for years.
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