Gaia Green Primal Earth Super Soil too HOT for seedlings

I purchased Gaia Green Primal Earth Super Soil for my main soil & Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4 & Gaia Green Power Bloom fertilizer for my grow this year. I also bought Pro-Mix HP w/ Mycorrhizae & Pro-Mix Connect Mycorrhizae for starting the seeds. Gaia says it’s good from Seed to Harvest. Others say Primal Earth is indeed HOT and requires 12" plants before transplanting into Primal earth. My question is; -Does anyone know if Primal Earth is too HOT and likely to burn my seedlings? -After initially planting into Primal Earth, when is likely the best time to begin adding All Purpose 4-4-4 to Primal Earth for optimal growing? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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