Flushing and organic living soil

Question do you need and is it necessary To flush is you are using organic live super soil ? At the cannabis expo the guy said you only needed to water with R.O water and that’s it but per
Listening to this podcast I am unsure it mentioned organic super soil !?

It depends on how you fertilized. The purpose of flushing is to wash out accumulated fertigation salts mainly so they don’t cause nutrient lockout right at the end of your grow.

If you’ve used those, and especially if they direct to do so, you’ll want to flush no matter what your soil medium was.


That’s the thing the person who gave me this soil said I can’t burn the plant and already has all the nutrients in the soil it needs and to only water and don’t need to add nutrients and is why I’m confused

If you’ve only been adding water, no need to flush. It’s all about the fertilizer you used. If it was salt based, flushing is recommended. If you didn’t use any fertilizer, maybe it’s something to experiment with next time around.


Chemical fertilizer is what @CurrDogg420 is preferreing to

I think I understand now as long as I only use the organic living soil and don’t add any fertilizer or anything in general then there is no reason to flush unless I fertilize or use a additive of some sort


Part of your confusion is the norm is really in flux now that living soils are becoming more popular. The standard since the 90s has been bottled nutrients in inert soils. They build up with time and need to be flushed if you fertilized with a heavy hand. Or the finished product can taste like chemical nutrients. Or nutrient lock out like currdog said, where your plant looks like it’s starving despite plenty of food.

Living soils use microbes to regulate nutrient uptake. It’s preloaded by having it in the mix. Feed the microbes, instead of the plant directly. This method tends to not need flushing because the microbes keep the plants from eating too much at once. A true symbiosis. Making and keeping the soil alive does add more work for sure than using bottled salts to feed.

I think in my opinion that living soil plants taste richer and more flavorful (more terps maybe) than one grown in salt nutrients.

My best example is homegrown tomatoes vs grocery store tomatoes. They both taste great on a BLT but that garden tomatoe has more layers of flavor,smell, and richness.


Yes I’ve grown both ways and i would much rather use organic i get better crop better flavor and also more potent

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Like buying a tomato from the store one you grow in garden is much better


So for you guys using organic soil do you add anything other than R.O water ? And if you do what you do use and how

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I water with creek water just like i would tomato, peppers but i keep on a schedule for veg.and wait of the pot during flower but every environment different heat and humidity

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From what I have learned flushing is about ending the nutrient flow so the plant starts to end its life cycle, organic growers in living soil find the plants do this on their own. Nutrients used in inert soils will prolong the plants life cycle, so in order to help them wind down and start using the nutrients they have in them flushing should be done. High times just put out an article that talked about no need to flush based on how the weed was perceived by the tasters in the experiment.


@Sirdabzalot I actually use tap water, but I’m near the Great Lakes so our water is pretty good here. I fill a 5 gallon bucket or two at least a day ahead, and use an aquarium pump to add some dissolved oxygen and get the chlorine out.

I fertilize with Down-to-Earth organic fertilizers: 4-4-4 Vegetable Garden for veg, and 4-8-4 Rose and Flower for flower. I mix them right into my potting soil (coco/worm castings/perlite) and top dress with them according to the directions on the box: in my case feed or transplant twice a month.

Since I use the coco for my peat component, I find I do need some cal-mag towards the end.


Yes i also use airated water with all my watering

There are several (unscientific I admit) videos on youtube and, believe it or not, tokers liked marijuana NOT flushed. If you are still using inorganic chemical ferts maybe you need to flush. I grow using organics including fish ferts and I have never tasted fish in my smoke. If it makes you feel better then flush.

No need to flush if you are all organic only flush if you are use chemical fertilizers

the purpose of flushing is 2 fold. Primarily, it is to cleanse the inorganic nutes from the plant.If no chemical nutes are used, no need to flush. Secondly, it does coincide with harvest but really does not have an effect you can measure. In this case, Flushing really just adds water into the plant so the dry takes longer and a longer dry is a better quality product unless you have very dense or large buds. Then bud rot or mold becomes an issue and you do not want the extra water…

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I read that article when it came out. I was sad they did not test any organically grown or living soil grown flower. It was exclusively one commercial grow op in coco using exclusively chemical nutrients. Flush vs no flush. It’s definitely interesting to think about. I am still sad they didn’t compare any organic grows. So hard to outright compare to organic living soil flush or not.

I also think even bottle growers are conscientious of not overdoing the salts at one feed than than say 20yrs ago. So I would (friendly) make the arguement you would have to purposely over salt a whole grow (control group) to be fair in making that claim (high times). Not to mention on at least 10 very different cultivars of cannabis. To be fair.

Has anyone else noticed high times has become shit source for info? Say the last 10years.? All click bait and shit. In the 90s they were the gold standard of grow innovation. They seem to be all about $$$ now with weak sauce outdated articles…?

It’s no wonder Danny danko jumped ship, it is sinking there @high times.

You can’t take nutrients out of a plant, it uses the nutrients to grow and create the flower…very big misconception on flushing…flushing is to help the plant end its life ending nutrients so it starts to feed on itself that is why it turns colors it is using any internal nutrients…in organic or soil they do it on their own…watch the latest build a soil video the last one talks specifically about this and Jeremy is an expert.


That was an interesting article I’m glad you posted it I’ve really been torn between flushing with water or using a Flawless Finish by Advanced Nutrients which are the only nutes I used were the Advanced line other then Azos and Mykos but that article I think it helped me make up my mind kinda makes me wish all my strains were not different because it makes it harder for me to perform tests accurately

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