Arbuscular fungus and beneficial bacteria

I have added mycorrhizal fungus (and damn to hell whoever it was thought that “h” in that word was a good idea) to my soil as well as Bio-Tone, which contains some species of beneficial bacteria. I believe I have been lucky in that the products I purchased work very well. I say that because improper storage or exposure to heat can kill your microbes before you pick them off the shelf at your local nursery, but mine seem to have been alive.

I have seen products with both the fungus and the bacteria together (Bio-Tone also has the fungus). Has anyone tried a different product for this purpose? How did it work? Anyone have recommendations on such a product?

@Reefers If you have the space to make your own compost pile you will be amazed you don’t have to worry about bacteria dieing you just feed your compost pile top dress plants with it you feed your soil and it will feed your plants