How do I use these!

Question so I have these to products and want to use them I’m using organic super soil ! Problem is i don’t know how to use them do I mix both in the water when I feed my plant or do I need to mix separately and water a different times or can I use them at the same time??? Help I’m very confused on how to successfully use them and feed my plants image|231x500

Hygrozyme and Fish shit

@Sirdabzalot mix it in with your compost tea, I believe this is similar to H2O2., Remember using supersoil our goal is to get rid of the bottles atleast as much as we can! :rooster:

How often should I give my plants compost teas?

Compost tea boost microbial activity. It’s used throughout growing but is unnecessary depending on your soil. Use it before flowering, or as needed.

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