PH in organic growing

How do organic growers ph their water without using any unnatural additives?


@Sirdabzalot by using organic alternatives.

Ph down: black strap molasses, lemon juice, white distilled vinegar, etc…

Ph up: liquid kelp, wood ash, lime, etc…

There are a lot of organic methods and alternatives to ph your water and soil.


Question so if my soil ph is testing at 7.0 how do I bring it down to 6.4 do I need to flush with distilled Water
Then water with 6.4 ph water
Or do I flush with 6.4 ph water instead ?? Please help

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I use Black strap molasses 1tsp to gallon check it and see where you at in distilled water if you have it

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It tested out at 7.1 so the solution would be to flush my plant with ph water already at 6.4 to bring it down correct ?

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@Sirdabzalot You need something to bring down like @MDBuds mentioned to bring it down when your useing organic soil and black straps molasses is best way to go useing to much lenom juice and white distilled vinegar can kill bacteria in organic soil

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I was using lemon juice and/or apple cider vinegar.

My understanding is neither of these will keep the PH down for long. It will swing back up after a little time. I brought tap water down from 7.5 to 6.4 with ACV this afternoon. About eight hours later, the water just measured in at 6.6 — I have about a gallon left over…

I ordered Citric Acid yesterday to try next. I believe this will hold the PH down.

Let me know what you end up doing and how it goes.

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@Sirdabzalot if you are trying to bring soil pH down you need to top dress with an amendment in organic soils to avoid a flush and killing soil microbes and mychorrizae.

You can get kelp meal, molasses powder, or neem seed meal and then mix it in to your top soil at the amounts needed for the size of your container.

As it breaks down it will pH your soil over time with regular waterings and feedings.


Right on @MDBuds is right you don’t want to ever flush your organic got to add to your soil you got to feed your soil and it will take care of your plants if it was me with the organic soil i would order a bag compost as @MDBuds kelp molasses together works well