How to boost Terpenes?

Hi Organix, i bought some seeds of

  • CBD 1-CA Ratio 1:20 Feminized
  • CBD Super Silver Haze Feminized
    both from HomeGrownCannabisCo

I grow in 100 Gallons Fabric Pot with organic soil (Earthworm Casting, Biochar, Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, Zeolite, eccecc), only Outdoor (Sun is the best)

I would like to be ready for the next season so i am investigating more in deep how to increase Terpenes in Cannabis Plants.

The real question is : which companion plant do you suggest me to achieve the best result ?


Use black strap mollasis :ok_hand: will do the job

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I use it already

I was asking for best companion plants to enhance terpenes

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I didn’t no that other plsnts would help with that u can get terpanator I believe its over rated


I have always found white ring clover to be a fantastic accompaniment plant, not only does it help build a symbiotic relationships between plants and mycelium it also helps carbon in the soil, is a living mulch and is a natural source of high quality nitrogen!

Hopefully this helps!

Peace love and happiness!

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I’ve heard chamomile and marigolds

Though personally I believe it is bro science

I use Buckwheat for my veggie garden. We are also bee-keepers and it provides pollen for the bees during the summer dearth.
I then terminate it after it’s fully flowered and turn it in. I am going to try it in one of my pots next grow.

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We use marigolds in the garden for ward off pests.

I use sweet botanicare

Sweet for a lil flavor enhancement