How to boost Terpenes?

Hi Organix, i bought some seeds of

  • CBD 1-CA Ratio 1:20 Feminized
  • CBD Super Silver Haze Feminized
    both from HomeGrownCannabisCo

I grow in 100 Gallons Fabric Pot with organic soil (Earthworm Casting, Biochar, Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, Zeolite, eccecc), only Outdoor (Sun is the best)

I would like to be ready for the next season so i am investigating more in deep how to increase Terpenes in Cannabis Plants.

The real question is : which companion plant do you suggest me to achieve the best result ?


Use black strap mollasis :ok_hand: will do the job

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I use it already

I was asking for best companion plants to enhance terpenes

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I didn’t no that other plsnts would help with that u can get terpanator I believe its over rated


I have always found white ring clover to be a fantastic accompaniment plant, not only does it help build a symbiotic relationships between plants and mycelium it also helps carbon in the soil, is a living mulch and is a natural source of high quality nitrogen!

Hopefully this helps!

Peace love and happiness!


I’ve heard chamomile and marigolds

Though personally I believe it is bro science


I use Buckwheat for my veggie garden. We are also bee-keepers and it provides pollen for the bees during the summer dearth.
I then terminate it after it’s fully flowered and turn it in. I am going to try it in one of my pots next grow.


We use marigolds in the garden for ward off pests.


I use sweet botanicare

Sweet for a lil flavor enhancement

Hi there, quite new here, but ye i heard in TCK that they mentioned strawberries! At least for the outdoor grows. Ive only tried having basil and oregano in the tent. Dunno if that made a difference but was a good way to manage the death space in the tent.
Maybe @kronic can help us out in this one.

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Never heard about strawberries, thx to inform me
What TCK is ?
And how @kronic can help us ?


EDIT : after sent you this message i google it TCK and i found the youtube channel with @Kronic probably involve in it. i saw all the video list but i did not find any topic related to mine. Do u remember in which video thery were talking about strawberries ?


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Hi! I will check the episode, it was an episode on spotify, but I’ll check it out and let you know later.

What I’ve learned is that soil is a big step stone to get the maximal phenotypic expression, the nutrients offcourse and most important genetics right :blush:

Hi, i think i mix wich show i was talking about hehe sorry, my bad, but i heard that on Dude grow show, they have bunch of good tips and facts on growing.
I’ve tried growing chamomile and basil along but haven’t done that consistently because space. So i can’t say if that helped or not sadly.

Check on RQS (royal queen seeds) they have a very good article on companion plants!, link here:

Hope that helps! :blush: Happy G!

No, its real science bro😊 plants use terpenes, among other things, to communicate with each other.

In fact strawberry sounds so weird to me

Thx anyway

No please RQS please not, their site is slightly better than their seeds (that are very very bad)

I would like to try with the wild strawberries! I imagine they could help to keep the humidity in the soil, because of how they grow, and probably other benefits beside the berries😁
Sad to hear bout RQS! maybe u got an old batch? You remember the cultivar?

Ye maybe not the most scientifical publication but is a good resume of what you can find out there.
Anyways is fun to have different plants growing around :slight_smile:

I’ve seen better results when the microbes and the fungi in the soil are at their best. Wish I had a bigger light thou.

Did u find the episode ?

No sorry, I look after it but the library is very big and i don’t remember the title of exactly that one, sorry.

We are also beekeepers and have started growing buckwheat to supplement the pollen and nectar for our honeybees during the summer dearth. Its biomass also keeps the soil soft after I plow it under.

Buckwheat grows shallow and fast. It keeps the top of the soil moist. It will flower in about 20 days.

I did put some on the top of my last Banner Fotos. It was nearly harvest so I didn’t see the effects very much.

This will be an experiment. I will be planting some Banner Fotos and cover the crop with the buckwheat. This is going to be a tent grow since we are just about out of the growing season this year.
I’ll keep ya’ll posted of the results.