(CkNugz)Soilless by my own design..😎

My own little recipe per 3.72 cubic ft. Of soiless mix.


gee, everything I see here is pretty much what a good soil is composed of…maybe you could call it β€œdirtyless dirt”


Cool. What are you catching with the bait?

@Mrb53004 more than a Few items are unseen since they are in the tuperware., yet I’ve never seen these exact ingredients in symbiosis listed anywhere in such a ratio in a bag mix.:sunglasses:, also I start seedlings in a super airy 1:1:1 mix feeding plain h20.

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The baggies you thought I would notice, obviously! :rofl:

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Using ancient methods, huh? I can DIG it. :rofl::grin::v: Go fish. :spades::clubs::heart::diamonds::black_joker:

Holy catfish Batman!


Large and in charge!! :scream: Well done! Are you going to eat it? Not everyone can cook catfish properly. I’m one of those people. :rofl:

Still the best way to cook Catfish…give it to someone else and show up for dinner! :crazy_face:


@kmac03 no I catch and release for the most part unless I want to eat some fresh fish but I prefer other types for eating…, this bigun’ got put back.


He deserved to be put back. I appreciate you did that. Old ancient dude surviving that long. :sunrise:


Exactly! Ask anyone who eats catfish regularly, normally they only go to one or two places or people.

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mixed up and ready to go, w/ the Mycelium starting to grow!

Make sure to drill small holes in your storage container. Dont be surprised to see some portabello mushrooms sprout naturally.