Amending Super Soil After Grow. Recommendations?


I completed my grow with homemade super soil with great results. Here was my recipe:

Bulk Mix:
1 Part Organic Compost (Cow Manure, Aged 3 Months)
1 Part Peat Moss
1 Part Perlite (Medium - A3 Size)
0.1 Part Earthworm Castings

Others (all mixed according to manufacturer’s instructions on back of container):
Down To Earth Kelp Meal (N-P-K Ratio 1-0.1-2)
Down To Earth Neem Seed Meal (N-P-K Ratio 6-1-2)
Gia Green Organics Glacial Rock Dust (N-P-K Ratio N/A)
Gia Green Organics Power Bloom (N-P-K Ratio 2-8-4)
Gia Green Organics Mineralized Phosphate (N-P-K Ratio 0-9-0)
Gia Green Organics All Purpose (N-P-K Ratio 4-4-4)

Now that the grow is finished, what should I do with the soil before I re-use it? I was planning on amending the soil with some earthworm castings, compost, and Gia Green all purpose. Is there anything else I should add?