Organic super soil recipe

Hello growmies and community I recently switched from hydro to organic super soil it is best to treat my chronic illnesses and problems I believe organic medicine is best with that said I bought organic super soil but would like to ask the community for help. If anyone can share or reference me to some recipes and step by steps and how to make organic super soil rather than already bought by brand or store etc … I have been looking into recipes online and on videos but would like to hear more other organic growers who also deal with health issues and care about the medicine. Again please and thank you stay medicated and dedicated !


I grow for my mom, who is a cancer survivor. Of course, I’ve got to sample it for quality control purposes… :grin: So I do care deeply about growing high quality medicine.

That’s part of the reason I grow 100% organic, as Mother Nature so perfectly designed. I also think hydro is important for scientific study of the plant, but it’s always going to be less complete than a good healthy soil. Soil science is an entire field of study itself.

I think I linked you to my recipe already. That’s sort of where I started. All store bought stuff, as my native soil sucks. I’m trying to improve it the right way as well, but for my indoor weed grow, I wanted to stand that up fast. I’ve since recycled all of that potting mix into a worm farm so I can produce my own compost.

My friend Reed @Daddy1971 makes his own compost and grows with it. Hopefully he can share more about that.


@Sirdabzalot do you have the room and supplies for building compost pile from your property and you need to know how much to build are you growing indoors or outdoors there’s all different ways i have two compost piles and i built a tumbler and i build all my soil in it for my indoor grows other two for outside growing and garden.i will take my soil from each grow and recharge it

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Where is the link to your soil? I’d love to learn.

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@GrnyGrows, here it is: