Saprophytic Soil Fungus

Hey there guys. Just dropping in to drop some quick knowledge.

Saprophytic soil fungus is beneficial for cannabis and nothing to worry about. It breaks down decaying organic matter and releases enzymes that help create a humus.

In lay terms- it breaks down dead stuff into stuff your plants can eat.

It serves a similar function as aerobic bacteria in the soil.

It grows in a thin soft fuzzy white blanket over the top soil.

If you see it, don’t freak out. You can let it be and it will help you if you’re growing organic.

I’ll add a photo soon so you can see what it looks like. Managed to get some going on my coco with a coco hydro grow using the homegrown organic nutrients. First time ever doing a coco hydro grow that could support saprophytic fungus.


Where’s the pix of the Saprophytic Soil Fungus…

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Zoom in to the white blotches of what looks to be Mycelium starting…, needs a little more time!

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Around 20 hrs later!


@CkNugz is that soil overly wet? Or is moisture a factor in its growth?

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Only put a gallon or so of water in the soil mix. Then put a lid on it. :sunglasses:

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