Kyle kushman's v.s.s


Nice! Where did you find this recipe? Are you going to try it? I’m definitely interested in seeing the results.

One question I had was what vegan inputs might be good sources of P, Ca, and Mg, which are not also high in N. All I can come up with is mineral sources like rock phosphate, and dolomite lime, but that last one also alters pH.

Something that could be used to meet the plant’s demands during flower, without getting married to bottles.

Also, can worm castings/compost be considered vegan? Or am I enslaving the poor residents of my compost pile? (The last comment is directed only to militant vegans, not you @CkNugz or the recipe)

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I have yet to try this recipe out, although I want to. He didn’t win 13 cannabis cups for nothing, right?

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Potentially a good thing to add to this for flower might be INCREDIBLE BULK!

I agree with @CurrDogg420 i have great success with compost and worm castings for top dressing during flower

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