Khatru’s Old School Indoor Grow 20-21

I’d like to share my new grow with the gang here.

I’m an old school indoor grower, using 600 watt metal halide lamps for vegging and high pressure sodium for flowering.

I’m doing 5 Gorilla Glue #4 and 5 Super Hash X Thai
The GG4 was acquired right here from HCC, while the SHT was crossed by me a couple grows ago. New strain? I’m just calling it
Super Hash Thai!

I started the germination process using the old wet paper towel method. All 10 seeds popped within 4 days, 7 of them in 3.

They went into red solo cups filled with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, and broke soil within two days.

Here they are starting out as tiny seedlings under 25w CFL lamps. A little stretching, but not too bad.

They soon took their places in the 3.5 gal containers that will be home for the duration.
I have good southern and western exposure, so they can spend sunny fall and winter days out in the light of the sliding glass doors, when they’re not under the lamps in the music/grow room

This is where they are today. I’ll be updating as a kind of journal, chronicling the growth cycle of these youngsters!


@Khatru looking good man. I used to use CFL, metal halide, and hps myself. Definitely gets the job done.


They look great! I’ve been getting a lot of information and help from this forum…hoping mine will look at healthy as yours :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kris :v:

They’re still pretty young and have a long way to go :sun_with_face:


2nd full week of veg phase.
Topped at 5th node. I’ll top again in a week or so.

image image


Gorilla Glue #4 at 3 weeks veg.

This phase is a waiting game until they’re ready to flip to the flowering phase


Today is nice and sunny, so they’re getting some natural light in the window for several hours

Week 4 of veg


Gorgeous. I’m loving the symmetries, it draws me in every time.

Looks like you took them to the McDonald’s playground. Hope they had fun. (RE: Red structure) :rofl: (Please don’t kill me for the awful humor. I’m going stir crazy with cabin fever)


Hi @kmac03 ! Good to see you!

That’s a red recliner that normally hosts yours truly when I need some sunshine!


Good to see you, too! :slight_smile:

Can you please point me in the direction of proper topping and fim-ing? I’m having a terrible time trying to figure out what I want to do only because I’m trying to figure out if it’s a preference thing for more yield or what?



See the thread When and how do I top my plant

There’s a little gif that shows it

Also see Difference between topping and fimming

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Thank you! I even replied on that thread. I appreciate the memories! :rofl:


Growing up

Two weeks ago:

This morning:

Flipping to 12/12 this weekend


The guitars in the background just Rock this whole photo op for me here…Splendidly awesome! Continued success on your grow @Khatru you have some gorgeous plants. :love_you_gesture: :seedling:


Notice the leaf structure of the 2 different strains here.

The first one is the Super Hash x Thai

It’s showing signs of being dominant on the Thai side, being a sativa, displaying longer, more slender leafs than the Indica dominant Gorilla Glue #4 in the 2nd picture, with its shorter, wider leafs.

Cannabis is a truly amazing plant in many ways


I’m just grinning ear to ear and now have to go stalk my plants. :herb:

Thank you for the visual lesson, I appreciate it very much.