Hay smell during drying and after

My drying room is around 55% and 64F and dark
I have a little fans facing the wall for air mouvement
I took off the big leaf
Now its drying for 4 1/2 and my weed start to have a hay smell …
So my question is , is it normal ? If not what should i do to fix it !
My last crop was smelling the same , its been in the jars for around 3 weeks and still smell hay !
The humidity in the jar is between 60-65 %
My plans was autoflower , they were smelling so awesome before a chop them !
I didn t flush them but i use gaia green organic low absorbtion fertilizer and their last meal before i chop them was a month before !

Hi @Mathieu & welcome. You’ve come to the right fourm. I’m a newbie, but I’ve learned the hay smell is Chlorophyll breaking down. But some more advanced folk will help. Hey @Rye, @mike, and/or @MDBUDS assistance is needed.

Good night


Hey Mathieu

I think I answered you on another thread unless I’m all turned around and that’s VERY possible. Adding to what @Adcrag said, please see the link below for more info. We’ve all had this issue.


Hello Kmac03
Thank you for the answer
I have 2 plants hanging right now and they start smelling hay as well … they were smelling so great before i chop them
my last harvest is curing for about 3 weeks and still smell hay , but the first 2 weeks i think the humidity was too low in the jar so i bring it up at 62-64% a week ago ! The bud seem to look better !
Its smell strong but i dont think its ammonia , ammonia kind of burn your nose right ?