Hay smell during drying

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Hello Kmac03
Thank you for the answer
I have 2 plants hanging right now and they start smelling hay as well … they were smelling so great before i chop them
my last harvest is curing for about 3 weeks and still smell hay , but the first 2 weeks i think the humidity was too low in the jar so i bring it up at 62-64% a week ago ! The bud seem to look better !
Its smell strong but i dont think its ammonia , ammonia kind of burn your nose right ?


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Looks like nice buds, My Friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, ammonia would burn your nose, but also some Diesel strains have that sort of effect. What did you grow?

This is my first havest , a friend of mine gave me those seet , its suposed to be gold rush !

But now i buy my seed online !

Im kind of scare its smell ammonia now loll
Something smell strong , dosent hurd my nose , im not sure if it just strong grass smell or …
im gonna ask my neighbour to smell it lol

I don t think ammonia would smell like that , i use to take some when i was at the gym a lot …
if there is ammonia in the buds , why this happen and what to do ?

Well, an ammonia smell is no good. I don’t blame you for asking someone else.

Could you please do me a favor? It’s kind of bad manners for us to drop links to other seed companies. Would you mind removing that?

Thank you for understanding!

I ll remove it , im really sorry , i didn t know you guys selling seeds! My bad ! Im realy sorry

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Hey, no worries! It happens to the best of us.

If you look at the top, you will see a link buy seeds from HGCC. Feel free to take a look, there are lots of variety. I look forward to seeing your grow.

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I will take a look thats for sure !

So if its smell ammonia is it for garbage ? Or i can do roaine or hadh ?

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I don’t have enough knowledge to know if it’s salvageable from an ammonia smell. My instincts say to toss it, but that could be just conditioning on my part.

@MDBuds, @Rye, @Mrb53004 can you answer this? I’m not sure as I’ve never had an issue with an ammonia smell.

If you have mold, toss…DO NOT SMOKE, INGEST- nada, zilch, nuttin
Use a jewelers loop, magnifying glass to inspect carefully
Mold is a killer. It’s a eukaryotic micro-organism not a plant, animal, or bacteria. It’s so tiny you can’t see it until molds cluster together. Mold’s job is to eat dead organic material even if that mold is on your outdoor walls, bathroom grout—or cannabis.

It’s not enough to just trash moldy cannabis plants. Molds can show up in your prepared marijuana, drawn by moisture. Mold in your home has proven to be extremely toxic to humans. People are different, of course, so how much exposure is too much is an open question. How much worsens an allergy? How much affects asthma, lung problems, or autoimmune diseases?

Answers to these questions depend on several factors. But, we do know how to tell if your weed in moldy.
5 Signs that your weed is moldy

If the mold has taken over, it’s easy to see. It’s the same thing you see on moldy bread or cheese, a fuzzy green, blue, or grey-white cluster on your stash. Sometimes, it is a powdery mildew on the leaves or buds.
If you feel the plant, buds, or weed between your fingers, it should feel dry and crispy. If it is damp and spongy, it may be too risky.
If it smells like it should, it’s okay. You want to smell that musky, earthy scent. But, moist grass smells sweet, and that means mold. Of course, you need some experience with strains to recognize one smell from another.
If your allergies act up, you should pay attention. With or without allergies, you can expect from red-eye, mucus, or dry mouth after smoking. But, if your reaction is worse than usual, you need to see your doctor.
If you feel chest pain, you may have a problem. Any smoker, especially first timers, will notice some burning in the lungs. But, tightness or pain the chest needs to be treated by your doctor soon.

Ammonia smell IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF MOLD, MOLD makes it smells SWEET
Smoking moldy pot brings millions of microscopic spores and toxins into your lungs with every draw. Once in your lungs, the mold will grow in the spongy recesses of the lung tissues

  • Baking your weed will kill most spores in mildly affected product. Scattered on a cookie sheet, the weed should dry under 200°F for 10 minutes before using it.
  • Using a bong will reduce about 15% of the contamination through the water filtration process
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No i looked and i don t have mold

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@Mrb53004 ammonia smell is a sign of mold. Mold smells like musty wet hay (not the normal hay smell from drying), a rancid sweet smell almost like apple cider vinegar, musky b o, urine, or an ammonia smell.


So typically you will smell a hay/grass smell when drying for a few days in the middle. But after 10-14 days it should be getting less and less hay smell to it. If you RH was very low during the dry I seriously doubt its mold. Most likely what your smelling is the chlorophyll and other green stuff breaking down and you probably need a few more days of drying. If your already in jars make sure and burp them to help with that smell. Maybe burp them a few extra times a day for the next week.

Unless your house has a lot of mold in it or you have the perfect conditions its doubtful its mold this time of year.

I’ve had weed smell like hay from under drying typically. I started using a moisture meter to track the loss when I’m drying. It’s one used for soft wood, and the way I use it it works for me. I measure the content soon as I harvest and use it to track the loss, although it may not be exactly accurate for something like bud, the numbers give me something to judge by, other than touch.