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This is probably a redundant question, please forgive me if so. Are you using city water?

I am.
It works with every other nutrient line I’ve used and worked with the previous Mega Crop formula.
My tap ppm on the 500 scale is 198.
We get our water from an aquifer laden with calcitric rock.


7 bottles of Remo? Was there a big sale? Which blend - grow, bloom, micro, magnifical, candy, flower, or kelp? What sizes?

I won it in a contest with my Dark Devil auto.
It’s this one…

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If you think you want to sell some and it is not too much a hassle to pack and ship, let me know details. I am in no hurry as I am just starting up next grow and awaiting new LED

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If I don’t end up using it I will consider it.
Depends upon how this whole Mega Crop deal goes down.
I’m not spending any more money on nutes if I can help it.
I may also be looking for a different line to use in the near future.

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I’m just curious if there just one thing different that’s been added that reacts with the stuff being added to our water systems. The reason I’m curious is I’m having reactions over here which normally happen when something has been added at the treatment plant. Then again, we are the COVID capital of the freaking world right now so there is no telling what’s in our water. I put in a request for a report. Thanks for responding!


A few times a year the water system gets flushed here and temporarily causes a bit of a pH fluctuation.
I’ve been keeping fish since I was young so I’m very aware of this. It usually happens in the spring and fall here.
What kind of issues are you having?

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Exactly what you mentioned above, about ppms fluctuating the longer it sits. For instance an hour to an hour and a half post mixing it will be 350 ppm, an hour after that, 175 ppm, then another hour later 700. (Numbers for example only) However, this is not the norm, it literally is because we are ground zero here.

The water had a chemical smell coming out of the tap, which is why I’m sure to be ahead of myself with consistent aerating. Otherwise, I’ll have a bad day and really screw up the flow. Our norm is high lime/cal/mag and fluctuates between 89-100 ppm.

I was kicking myself yesterday for not putting some buckets out to catch rain, even if polluted from city air.


Make sure to check rainwater also. I got rainwater off our metal roof one time and dident check it. Big mistake i am guessing pollen off the roof was the culpret. Now i never collect rainwater untill the gutters have been running strong for 20 to 30 min.


I’m going to have to put the buckets in the center of what little yard we have. The gutters here are so full that trees are starting to grow out of them. Landlord doesn’t seem to have any idea via property manager or doesn’t care. We have a nice grove of trees in one area, but now I have to wait for rain again. Ha! Snow would be ideal.


@kmac03 you might get a couple cheap kiddie pools if you can find them this time of year. Put a brick in the middle to keep them from blowing away. Even with just a little rain they will catch a lot.


Good idea. I’ll have to see what is available. We are about to head into complete city quarantine again.

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Hope y’all had a great New Year.

The girls are chugging along. It’s almost time to harvest my Peyote Forum. Should be done in about a week.

The WiFi has a few weeks longer. Probably around 3 left from the looks of her.

I may end up switching nutes. I’m trying the Remo alongside the Geoflora. My guess is that the ease of use and the cheaper price of the Geoflora will win out in the end. Especially if they make all of my girls look as good as this Green Crack plant.

She will be flowered in about a week or so. I want a small plant since she will have to share a space with another Charlotte’s Web. I’m not topping either plant in hope to keep them on the skinny side.
Charlotte will be on the Geoflora as well.
And finally I have my Kalashnikov that has been in flower for a few weeks now. Looking nice. I’m still adjusting her nutes but she has shown improvement nonetheless.

This plant is being grown under the Nextlight Core. I was nervous using a new light but looks like the plant took to it well.

That’s the quickie update. The fam and I are all doing well here. Hope y’all are safe and warm where you are.


Now I’m going to look into Geoflora. I’m about to run low on what I had in stock. Your Green Crack looks spectacular.

Glad y’all had a great New Year! :v:


It’s my first run with it. I’m waiting to see if I’ll need any cal-mag with it or not.
Looks good so far. I have only used about a half cup of the veg or less for this plant from sprout until now. I think it will go further than I originally thought.
The true test will be when she is about two weeks into flower and starts really stretching.
The same company sells the Terpinator/Purpinator as well as the fabric pots that I use. I’m quickly becoming a fan.

The Geoflora is interesting. It turns even a media like Pro Mix into a supersoil. The granules are coated with bacterial cultures which exchange exudates with the root system thereby feeding your plant. I have use salt based nutes until now. If this stuff works this well all the way through I’ll be a loyal customer from here on out.
You simply have to keep the plant evenly moist. This is really easy in Pro Mix. It is hard to overwater the stuff. Sphagnum peat moss holds onto oxygen in it’s fibers. I haven’t had any problems with anaerobic soil or compaction.

I just use the all-purpose in the black and blue bale with the sunflower on it. It’s super cheap where I live. I can get 4 cu. ft for $12-15.
I think my plants look just as nice as the growers using their HP or BX versions that are intended for cannabis. That is 2-3 times the price that I pay.
I’ll just add some perlite if I need to and save a bunch of $$$$.


This sounds like I want to try it. I’m stuck in this small place until…, which makes it difficult to do what I need to do. I’m supposed to create a horse manure based compost, I’m not doing that in here.

What I really want to do is fill a trough full of stinging nettle and cover it up for a while to ferment. I’ve learned that it had all the omegas plants need plus three, unfortunately the smell is exactly like horse manure so I’ll have to be careful. Other plants I’ve seen outside of canna are just phenomenal in growing and especially fruiting. I’m very interested to try it, I’ve just started some stinging nettle. Anyway, I’m geeking out now on your page. Thank you for your wonderful posts!


I also lack any space to mix, cook and store my own soil. This really is a step forward in nutrient tech.
It takes up very little space and it is beyond easy to use. Feels almost like cheating somehow.

Do you use Equisetum hyemale for a silica source? I think that’s the correct cultivar…yeah pretty sure​:wink::crazy_face:

I’m thinking of adding vermiculite to my mix for silica and moisture retention.
I know the silica in it isn’t as readily available to the plant but it is more readily available to me. I have some in my shed.


Kalashnikov-Dope Seeds. Day 24 since flip.
I can no longer move her out of the tent without risking damage. I really like the Nextlight Core led. It’s been working great.


They are just singing!!! :heart_eyes:

Yes to horsetail, but it’s E. arvense. :star_struck: I’m trying to figure out a good source for local silica. Steiner recommends using local, which makes sense to me. I’ve been lazy to be honest. The whole winter hibernation thing is in full force. :rofl: