Darkheart's Danktuary

Greeting fellow growers and welcome to my Danktuary.

I run my grow out of two tents (2x2 and 2x4) a closet (2.5x2.5) and an early veg/clone area.

My 2x4 has a HLG qb 288v2 xl 3500k fixture @ 260 watts from wall.

My 2x2 has a Mars Hydro SP150 fixture @ 150 watts from wall.

My closet space has a Mars Hydro TS1000 fixture @ 150 watts from wall.

The clone/veg area has a 24 watts 6500k smd and a 45 watts full spectrum aquarium light for now.

The Mars Hydro light are nice but I have some new lights that were delivered today that I’m really excited about.

I’m going to switch one of them out but the other has to wait a bit. I’m in the middle of a grow for Mars and need to finish that up first. Then I will switch out the other. Going to use these…

Right now in the garden I have 5 GG#4. 4 are clones and I have the 5th in flower at about 2 weeks since bud set. One or two of the clones will become bonsai mother’s that I will try to keep for as long as I grow.

I have a Charlotte’s Web in flower for one week and a clone in veg.

I also have a strain called Sexxpot. She is the same age as the Charlotte. They are sharing the closet right now. Not a lot of extra room there.

I also have Peyote WiFi and Peyote Forum seedlings and last but not least I have a Kalashnikov sprout.

I need to sprout a Green Crack in a few weeks for a seed bank grow that I’m doing.
I sometimes do sponsored grows for seed banks and led vendors on various forums and IG.
I earn my keep.
The stress that comes with it can be daunting. Sometimes the generics don’t cooperate or something unexpected happens. For instance, I just sprouted 3 strains and my furnace went out. Temps were between 58-65. They really slowed down and now I’m worried about root rot and things like that.
I’m pretty sure that I can turn them around and won’t have to start over.
One of them happens to be a variegated mutant so I have that going for me too.
I am not one to cull a plant unless absolutely necessary and I have reason for that.
Even the ugliest sprout can grow up to be something great with a little care.

Here is my Dark Devil Auto as an example. In this pic she is already stripped of her fans for harvest.

A lovely plant in the end but her beginnings weren’t so great.

Hard to believe that she looked so deformed at the start.

I had only 8 DDA seeds so I wasn’t going to lose one to culling. So glad that I stuck it through.

I think that’s enough of a preliminary rundown for this evening. I’ll get some more pics up in the coming days. Until then…


Beautiful garden!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: don’t you just love how fun autos are to grow? They can look so goofy then just blossom or sometimes they just become mini plants hahaha


Looking good man. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


GOALS. Love it. Tons of plants, small space PROPERLY utilized, amazing growth. One can see the love and passion you have so abundantly displayed in your plants. Respect sir, respect.


I have only grown a few autos. Actually 3 to be exact. Two Dark Devil’s and an Amnesia Ryder.
I manage to pull just over a lb dry from my 2x4 from those 3.
I started with bag seed like a lot of growers and went on to photo fems.
I just don’t have a lot of auto seeds at the moment. I think out of the 50+ strains that I have , I only have a few autos. I have some friends that I can grab some other auto strains from.
Looks like in my seed vault I have…
Critical Kush
Dark Devil
Amnesia Ryder

I will run some in the new year. I am all full up until then.

Thanks for checking out my grow.


Appreciate it. Thanks MDB


I’m actually really disorganized right now. :rofl:
Glad that it doesn’t come through though.
I just remodeled my grow room which is actually my bedroom as well. I’m still in the process of finding homes for everything since I added my 2x2.
Since I sleep in here I also make sure it is as clean as possible.
It’s great for sleeping. It’s pretty much a giant white noise machine.

I do have some goals set for myself. I’ve only been growing just over two years.

Next year is when I start my breeding program. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve got some really great gear bred by some talented growers.

Growing fulfills me mind, body and spirit. My life has forever changed.
Not being able to grow at this moment in time is unthinkable to me.

Thanks for saying hello.


My babies…
Peyote Forum


Peyote WiFi. My special project. She will need a bit of extra patience.

Mars Hydro 2x2 with SP150 led.

The Kalashnikov looks really good and the Forum could use some greening up. They really slowed when the temp dipped below 65°.
When they get below 65° they can no longer process mag and that’s why the Peyotes look a bit anemic.
They get 2gr/gal of Mega Crop tomorrow morning in some tap water. I may try some Purpinator or Terpinator since I have so much of it. The Peyotes do have purple in their genetics so probably the Purpinator. Purpinator is a natural terpene and color enhancer.

That should help the Peyotes along and get them growing fast.

Once it’s time to transplant, the Peyotes will stay on the Mega Crop one part and Purpinator all the way to harvest.
I may try something different for the Kalashnikov.
The same folks who make the Terpinator/Purpinator have released an organic dry amendment duo. I will run the Terpinator on her. I have a lot more of that than the Purp.

They also make fantastic fabric Geopots that you can see in all of my plant pics.
Will be fun and slightly stressful to run a new nute line up but this is supposed to be an exceptionally easy one and I’m pretty good at adapting. I also don’t want to stagnate and lose interest.

I’ll get to some of the clones and bigger plants later. I need to get back to real life. That’s what my keeper says anyway…

Need to make some edibles this afternoon. Probably just brownies today. I have a lot of other stuff to do. Snow is coming soon.

Chat with ya later :peace_symbol:


Hey y’all.

I have a few pics of my clone/early veg space and also a few of my GG#4 that’s a few weeks into bloom.

I have a small veg/clone area that is in the open room. I don’t worry about the or temp too much.
I may get more exacting in the future but it has been working well for the last two years.
I have a small 24 watts smd and a 45 watt aquarium light. I plan on changing at least the aquarium light to something else relatively soon.

As you can see I also keep a few of my more important house plants there as well. Right now on the white cart I have a few GG#4 clones as well as a Charlotte’s Web clone. Behind it is a much larger GG#4 clone.
I was sent the GG#4 from my grow mentor. It is a cut only pheno. It’s supposed to be the original handed down between growers. The person I got it from is trying to authenticate this right now so we will see. Evidently there are genetic traits that the original possess that aren’t found in any of the seed bank GG#4s.
I mean it would be really cool but I’m a bit of a sceptic. I do know some OG growers that also have it and they are saying the same thing.
All I know is that I promised to keep it going at all costs and my mentor would excoriate me if I botch it up.
Wish me luck on that.
Whether it is or not I’m looking forward to it as he also sent me a tester with the clones and it was exceptional.


The door behind her is the 2.5x2.5 flowering closet that has a Mars Hydro TS1000 and a 4"AC infinity cloudline extraction fan and filter combo.
I use some small Master Force metal fans. I stopped using the plastic ones and switched to a metal version because I was running blurple lights that contain UV. UV light degrades plastic.
The bearings always go bad on them. I paid less for one of these than the plastic ones I used to use and it came with a three year warranty.

I’ve had really good luck with these fans and have them in all of my spaces now.

Here are my Sexxpot ( L ) and Charlotte’s Web ( R )!

I know. I’m rambling a bit. I blame it on my Sour Diesel testers. Just some rough cut stuff. No ultra manicured bag appeal yet.
I really, really like it.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love any feedback if you have any. I’m here to learn just as much as the next person.


Hey @Darkheart420 - loving your Danktuary!


Very kind. Thank you @Khatru
Stop by anytime to chat.


Just stunning. Absolutely love it. So jealous, all your plants look so beautiful. Thanks for posting.


@Darkheart420 beautiful stuff! I also do some houseplants in my tents as well. Currently I have red hibiscus growing from seed and a 4 foot bird of paradise that’s going to flower in the next few weeks - it has 8 flowers on it that will be opening soon! And they’re an indoor grow!


WOW! I know I am coming onto this topic a bit late, but your girls are just awesome and I love your explanations and photos. Thanks for including us along on your grow. Since I am growing a bunch of autos as well, this will be fun to compare how mine are growing with yours. Happy Healthy plants to all!


No specific feedback other than thank you so very much for sharing your incredible grow journey with us. Stories and photos such as yours (and so many others here on the forums) indeed really inspire people. As an older person (55+) I am not always up to date on all the newest methods and fans and oh my! So it’s always fun to learn new things and learn to be LESS intimidated by new products. Again, thanks to all the growers who are sharing…(Remember Ladies and Gents…Sharing is Caring…Pass to the left please.) :wink:


Hey Rye.
I appreciate the complements.
Wish all of my plants were behaving though.
I’ll explain in a brief update to follow…Oof.


Howdy Bill.
Sure would love to see your plants. I’m a fan of all kinds. I’m studying up on carnivorous plants right now. I’ve always wanted to have a few show pieces.
Looks like distilled water and freeze dried crickets so far. Seems pretty straightforward.

Hibiscus flowers make a nice herbal tea. I believe it’s called Red Zinger.


Kanasiihawk, welcome.

I’m glad you liked my rundown of my grow. You aren’t late at all. I only started this four days ago so you’re right on time.

I’ve only dabbled in autos and I do things very differently than most. I transplant and feed them full nutes from day one. It’s worked for me so far but my experience with them is limited.
I will be running the odd auto in the coming new year. I would like to do another Dark Devil. I’m almost out and she’s a different kind of smoke. Something very easy to fall for and feel you always want around.
I should probably try to reverse one while I’m at it.

Any questions , let me know.


I had to make a difficult decision today.
To cull a plant two weeks into flower.
I’m only really out a seed, some time and a small sum from supplies. I’m telling myself it’s not so bad. I’ll just run her again in a few months.

She was a genetic mess. Born with two tap roots.
There was a chance that she could have been a great producer but she is so weak that it’s pitiful.
I explained briefly that I won’t cull a plant unless absolutely necessary. This is one of those times. It brings me no joy to have to chop a Charlotte’s Web plant. Ok. Maybe it stings just a little bit.

You’ll see from the pics just how rubbery she is.
We’ll start when she was younger so you can see that tap root I was talking about.

This particular cultivars is supposed to have an Indica shape. She a 60/40 sat/ind.
I honestly can’t expect a decent return on her.
Look at how flexible her branches are not to mention how spindly.

She was erect in the tent and the mere act of moving her caused her to severely wilt.

Well, when I run her again I’ll hope for a better sprout. I’ll also grab some silica and make sure to do some strength training before sending the next one into flower. A shorter veg time may help as well.
Thanks for checking out the garden today.

Stay stoned.


Holy Moly! Thanks for the update Darkheart: I am so sorry you lost her, but yeah, she sadly looks messed up. I don’t know if she could even be ground up into pills or tincture? :love_you_gesture:
Take care and (((gentle virtual hugs))) it’s never easy to have to cull one. It does hurt indeed, since you sincerely tried so hard to make her work out. I can see the hard work you tried, I think she wasn’t meant to be. If I had any extra CW Beans around I’d share, but alas I do not.

Since I have two Bubba’s Gifts Beans that are showing two tap roots I will follow this thread with GREAT interest now! Bummer. Good Health!