Hi there, I’m Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, but you can call me Derek.

I love the cannabis plant and I’m on a mission to share this love with the world. I live with chronic pain and depression but I grow my own cannabis to help with the struggle. It is my light, my hope, my crutch.

I believe every single person is capable of cultivating cannabis, and not just any old cannabis, craft cannabis - the best. Cultivating your own plants is not only great financially, it’s very rewarding mentally. I love watching my girls grow, knowing I’m giving everything they need. Most of all I love knowing EXACTLY what’s going into my plants. I can grow organically without worrying about pesticides or any other solvent you can find in store-bought cannabis.

I want to tell the world how growing cannabis can be easy. I want to help the beginner, to give them confidence, to help them become self-reliant. I want everyone to become cannabis producers rather than cannabis buyers.

I’m a sponsored Homegrown Cannabis Co grower and I recommend their genetics for both medicinal and recreational needs. For me, their plants help with everything I’m dealing with and more. Their seeds deliver top-shelf quality bud at a level even new growers can handle.

I run a youtube channel called The Cannabis Kronicles where I teach home growers, and I deliver a regular podcast for the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Come join me on my growing journey and see how this amazing plant can save lives, ease suffering and create happiness when none is there. - Derek "Kronic” LaRose