Best indoor genetic for So Cal grower

I am in the midst of my fourth season of growing on a small home-farm in San Diego County (city of San Marcos), and have typically gotten my seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM - Robert Bergman) in Europe, and have had great luck with their feminized seeds.

I am looking for two things specifically -

  1. A seed source with strains that are more local to our climate here in So Cal, as I understand certain strains are better for the climate; and

  2. the ability to purchase 1-3 seeds at a time.

I would make purchases from ILGM, and have to get good deals would have to BOGO 10/10, and as a small grower, I really don’t want 20 seeds of any particular strain for the season.

My outdoor crop is established and rolling for this year (into flowering now), but I am looking to experiment with a good fem/auto indoor in a closet, or small tent if I get brave. So I am looking for advice on what would be a good fem strain for a 3 to 5 gallon fabric pot indoors. It probably needs to be an indica strain because of my height limit in a closet - but I don’t really care. I want to try growing something that is indigenous to our climate - and a smaller footprint. I am familiar with LST, and have lots of experience physically working with plants.

I am really excited to get something germinated and give my experiment a try before the weather cools off substantially. I would love to have three grow seasons a year if I could (wouldn’t we all ;:slight_smile:

Thank you for any advice you can provide - I would like to make a small purchase as soon as possible.

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I run my autos at 18/6. You get better growth that way. I will be glad to share a soil mixture with you if you want. I only give water to them the whole time. You can add some cal/mag or flower blossom if you want. It is organic. That is what I grow in.

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Thanks on the light schedule…I got an economical quality LED for my indoor experiment, and am excited about that. I would appreciate the soil mixture recipe. You prefer here or email ? We have a local soil mixer who does a perfect blend for cheap, and I get it by the yard; but I am out for the season, and don’t need another yard, which is how he sells it. My fallback is the Fox Farm’s Ocean blend from a local nursery - is that okay ? For water I mix in a 55 gal drum a compost/worm casting tea with 3% HPeroxide mix & vitamin c tab to kill the bad stuff in the tap water. Any tips are much appreciated.

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I also use Dr. Jimz “Chicken Soup For the Soil,” almost exclusively…with some HiBrix molasses at flower. I havent tried a calmag supplement, and havent had to outdoors - that may change for an indoor grow, though.

Here is the mix. You can change it to use what you have or if you need less.

This recipe is for two cubic feet of soil (15 gallons)

Base Mix
7.5 gallons of peat moss
4.5 gallons of perlite
3 gallons of fresh EWC or compost
2.5 cups of dolomite lime

Ammend with
2 cups bone meal
1 cup blood meal
1 cup kelp meal
1 cup greensand (optional)

Save a few gallons of the base mix for seedlings and clones. They suggest letting the mix sit for 3-4 weeks before using and keeping it slightly moist. I added some regular top soil to bulk it up and cut down on the heat so I could use it right away. Have had no problems.


This is great, thank you !! Our nursery has all of the ingredients.

I recently got a bag of blood meal (EB Stone) a few weeks ago for a nitro kick for a couple of the plants that yellow and wilted a bit in the heat, and they perked right up. The local soil guy says he gets his peat moss from Canada, however that works out - I think much of it comes from there.

I reached out to the local seed guy, and will let you know what I find out.

Thanks again - you made my day.

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@smhomegrown @ray As we appreciate the want to help source seeds locally - we are on the forum - so any seed links or sourcing should be sent this way. To be 100% their feminized seeds are all amazing, I am growing Jack Herer currently and she’s lovely! My next one will be strawberry cough! Really any of their strains even sativa can be easily trained for your space! :smiley: happy growing!

So just to be clear, it is not about helping out people or growers, new or experienced. It is just about selling their seeds? I am an older guy. Started smoking in the 70’s. It was about helping each other out, not about the money.

I think if you want to grow a site and have more involvement, maybe making it more about the growing community and less about where you should buy you seeds. Just my opinion.

It is 100% about community however I was explaining to why I had to delete your post to another seed vendor. You have to understand from both aspects, a business has created a platform to allow a helpful environment and grow and us admins are supposed to be here to reinforce their product as its seeds we stand by and want our community members to purchase. It has nothing to do with money. It’s a marketing tactic and we’re preventing our forum from becoming the same overwhelming forum of breeders posting other breeders or seeds being purchased from all sorts of places. Instead we wish to supply quality cannabis seeds, line bred, that our expert growers take time to pheno hunt out for our customers. Has nothing to do with money but you have to understand marketing is apart of this and they have an invested interest in pushing their seeds on their forum. Helping growers is never the issue. You can help a grower without linking outside seed sources. If they wish to contact you outside the forum and exchange other seed vendors that’s perfectly fine. On our forum though we have to keep it to homegrown cannabis co genetics.

Hey @Kronic - I think we are all in it for the long haul, which is why am here to begin with - see my initial post. @Ray was kind enough to respond, and quickly, and I appreciate(d) his advice. If someone chimes in from HGCC that the site/service has a seed sourced locally to CA I can buy in small numbers to experiment indoors, I am then happy to have found a good source. I will DEFINITELY be using HGCC for my feminized season next year. I have a JH this year outdoors, and it is a tremendous plant. However, the seed pack of 3 purchased from another seed seller I wont name here, two of the other seeds were runt duds - and are growing plants less than a foot tall. At least I could buy as few as three there, but two of them were bad - so no more there. I have yet to experience a bad feminized seed from the ILGM source, though they are in Europe, and require a minimum of 5 seeds purchased, and charge “Maui” prices. Thanks for chiming in…do you have other recommendations for an indoor strain ? Something cookie or purple related ? I did some SC last year outdoors, and am looking for something different to experience with. To @Ray, thank you for the feedback - the connection is as you stated.


You guys are totally fine I just wanted you guys to have an explanation to why some posts were deleted and not just wonder where they went. We are extremely happy to have you on our forum showcasing your grows and asking questions! Please feel free to continue and post your grows! Again I just have to delete links to other seed vendors or sources as I’m a mod and that’s part of what our job is to do. We want to keep the forums clear of that as we’ve seen on other forums it’s caused quite the situations and problems. - Kronic

@Kronic: another thing of note. I actually sent a request to the info line of HGCC for seed recommendations to my request - and they directed me to this forum. So, unless that person in support is incorrect, isn’t this the appropriate place and question to ask if HGCC actually sources seeds local to So Cal, and what strains they have might be best for a small indoor grow ? I appreciated the authenticity of @Ray’s response. Are you able to tell me if 1) I am able to buy one or two seeds at a time, 2) the strain I am looking for is grown/sourced for my climate, and 3) is ideal for a small indoor grow ? That’s what we’re here for, right ?


Oh yea totally - homegrown has many varieties good for so cal that we can recommend. Again I just had to delete the local seed link as I’m here to welcome any questions or sources but we can’t allow links. That’s all :slight_smile: so let me go browse our full catalog and make a list of the best for that weather, Strawberry Cough I do know is Kyle Kushmans strain and was bred for that weather! - Kronic

Homegrown does offer Mix Packs so I will find ones that match some strains which will offer 1 of each seed usually :slight_smile: that as well as they have a huge deal on BOGO strains currently. Mix packs are generally best for those seeking variety! I’ll go look at all the best options and write em out!

I am not associated with him or do I sell seeds. I joined here to help other growers and learn something too. Marketing is not all about pushing your product. Marketing is about wanting people to come to your site and just buy your seeds. Maybe that is why there are so few posts and interaction with others.

Censorship is not marketing. I made a suggestion to him. Why spend a bunch of money on something your are not sure about? He can get these seeds inexpensive and see if he likes growing autos.

If the seeds they sell here are as good as they say, then you should not be scared of other breeders being recommend. If he likes growing autos, then he may want to purchase here. However, if only buying seeds from here is a requirement to be part of this community, then it really is not a community but just an infomercial.

Except you’re wrong. It’s not an infomercial. Let me make this example. If you’re at Starbucks and you come in with coffee they’ll ask you to leave. That’s the exact same concept. You can tell him all about it. But the moment you LINK a website. I as a moderator have to delete it. You’re taking business and people off our platform. That’s not what we’re wanting. We moderators are here to keep our forums clean and clear of links. It’s not an infomercial it’s forum rules. We don’t care if you talk about other seeds but you can’t link websites or pages.

Since you are only giving him options from here and just talking about seeds from here, it is an infomercial. Did you recommend any other options?

Censorship and limiting someones choices are not a way to run a grow site.

If someone grows seeds from somewhere else, I guess they are not allowed to mention that either?

I haven’t recommended any other and why would I? I’m a sponsored Homegrown Cannabis Co grower that’s a forum moderator. I stand behind their seeds. I haven’t said you CAN’T discuss seed companies. Again you want to argue something I’ve not said. You CAN’T link other websites outside our own due to virus reasons and we have spent time making sure our information isn’t full of crap. So when we try to help and teach our growers we utilize our tools. Our jobs as mods is to keep the forums clear of links for chances of spam or virus.

Feel free to type your message out again without a link. Again we aren’t censoring, but we don’t allow links we don’t trust.

Then why did you delete the post where I suggested another breeder from his area that did not have a link?

I did not add the link the first time. He reminded me of it.

So I STAND by what I said.