33 DAYS from seedling

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Ok, thanks. I’ll call my son, he will help an old man.

I know what you mean fortunately and unfortunately mine lives in the Next Room over in my house lol

I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can say to make it more bearable like, ‘been there, done that’, or ‘LOL, for a long time’?

ok how 'bout the above link?

Well it says there’s a video link but when you download it it just downloads a JPEG the exact picture that you’re showing on your post.

Sorry. I’ll try tomorrow.

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When you use your phone, chose VIDEO instead of “photo” When finished, you have an MP4 (video) instead of a JPG (still pic). Attache the mp4 file as the upload


@GOLLO my son is my IT guy too. Let us know when your link is good.

Ok, imma try again. :sunglasses: :v:t6: :laughing:


Wow great looking grow :v:

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Thanks for the help.

Hi, y’all. Merry New Year!

My GDP has been curing for 8 days and feels dry when squeezed. Should I leave it for another 6 days, which would make 2 weeks? What is the test for curing?

It feels absolutely dry, to the point that some of the untrimmed leaves fall off when touched.

Curious minds want to know.

Peace, y’all.

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Hey, you can put in jars with small humidity meter. Should be 60-65% humidity in the jar. You’ll have to open 15-20 min couple times day.

Check out YouTube for step by step videos. Good luck and keep us posted

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@GOLLO… Adcrag, She got it! Just make sure the branches SNAP…that means it is dry. Then they go into glass jars, seal them and burp them on a daily basis. Keep them in the dark. If you have, add Bovida humidity packs. If not, get some on amazon, 62%, place one in a jar with your buds. At that point, you can burp daily for a week or 2 and they are good to go. You can smoke earlier if you like but the longer they CURE, the smoother they become and much of that GREEN turns golden…I cure up to 6 months, and longer if I have enough stash. Sometimes, we go through it in a week…It is all up to you

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I had intended on curing mine longer than I did but I harvested September 15th I believe and I’m down to three hits out of 8 ounces a purple kush. And about 2 hooters left of 5 oz of White Russian. And that explains why I’m looking to grow a one pound plant LOL I want to have enough stash to last through a whole grow!


Sure, and I wanted a winning lotto ticket for Christmas but that didn’t happen either. It is like money, goes faster than it comes…lol


Thanks @Mrb53004​:hugs::hugs: . Learning. thanks to everyone’s help.

THANKS :+1:t4::heart::+1:t4::heart:

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