1st auto grow All advice welcome

Welcome, Queen! What are you growing?

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thank you I’m not very tech savy I get by ,but sometimes i’m a bit confused navigating on some of these forum’s posting n such. One of my issues is when i was trying to start my diary i couldn’t find my tent ( on the search bar ) that i’m using or my light set up & there isn’t any where to put in what I want & none of the tent choice’s or light set up choices mine .so i tried to start my diary but didn’t finish cause none of the item choices fit what I have .I really like to chart my progress but until i figure out how to fill out the diary w/ the stuff i’m using it doesn’t make much sense if i can’t put down what tent or what light set up i have I don’t think the brand i have is all that rare ,vivosun tent n hydro mars light tsw 2000 ,
300 watt. if you have any ideas on how i can put in my tent n light on the diary form let me know thnx !

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yes thank you soon as i figure out how to fill out diary ( having a problem finding the right set up I have & the tent too .) other than that alls good .

I have quite a few different ones in my jungle :smile: I am thinking of doing forums on the ones I have flowering, over trying to start a diary on them… but I am still learning!!! :sweat_smile: Whatcha got growing :upside_down_face:

Shoot me a message…I might have a way to get your tent put up there quicker :wink:

@QueenV Here’s my diary:

Mostly Southern African landraces.


I have triple XL & Kush XL both hybred’s n both auto’s this is my 1st auto grow all on my own .I had about 4 grows under my belt all photo’s & I had a lot of help so for sure I’m a newbie ,these auto’s sure gave me a run for my money I,I bought 12 seeds n all of them died ,they all germinated beautifully n when I put them into jiffy coir pods after they sprouted taproots n I planted them that’s when they died ( due to me not knowing much about them ) 1st off the soil was too hot for them I had the temp n humidity wrong ! but now after many fk up’s I have 7 seeds that are doing good I bought 8 n got 8 free .so I have some more seeds to start when I’m ready.


Following!!! Appreciate you including it!!! Still learning!! :sweat_smile:

The trial and error is the worst!!! Don’t give up though, when in doubt I always blame the plant…never me :rofl: :rofl: You will be germinating like a pro in no time!!! I have faithhh!!! :100:


wow, you sound like just the person I need to get advice from you sound like you def. know your stuff :smiley: do you grow auto’s much n have you used super soils ( as their called by some ) at all ? curious to hear your tips if any ? thnx.n good luck on ur grows sounds like ur going to have some fun growing them all!

@pc420 I didn’t fill out any of that stuff, I just posted to the diaries topic. My lights, my “tent”, my humidity domes are all homemade, the seeds are from all over, mostly not sold by Homegrown, so I don’t fool around with the forms, which are quite restrictive.

@pc420 Yeah, I used to think I knew a lot about this, but the more I grow, the more I learn. I have grown some autos, I don’t really like them, I find them too puny and not as effective as photoperiod plants. And I plant in the earth in my garden, which I try to keep in good condition naturally - lots of earthworms. When I plant in pots, I just use potting soil from the local garden center. Everything organic. Even the crappiest plant I have every grown got me high, so I am not too fussy…

There are many smart people on this forum, search around and you’ll find them.

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Trial and error is costly, but it is the best teacher!

well you already have the right attitude. good luck on your grows

I’m still not sure if i navigate this forum correctly I started another topic & posted a question there wasn’t sure how I post question’s etc… anyhow , another question I had & forgot to ask on my other thread was regarding watering how much & how .I’ve been watering only when the girls soil looks dry & put my finger in approx. 1 - 2 inche’s & its dry,I then water in a ring around the plants ( not directly on the girls) I also mist them , should I stop misting when they get buds?
( don’t want mold or bud rot) still trying to figure out how to upload pic’s .

Also in my other thread I asked about LST & if i should start or do it at all (since their auto’s) thnx everyone !

Misting with the lights on can lead to burn and frying with young plants and rot with flowers.

thank you ,I was doing it all thru out their growth , till a few of the girls started to flower, Now I’m not doing it anymore . I’ve noticed some of my girls leaves are turning yellow .I’m going to see if anymore turn or start to turn yellow then i’ll know if it’s a bit too hot for them or it was the water on their leaves. ( i’ve been trying to figure out how to upload pic’s so it’s easier to help w/ my issue’s) did you have a chance to read over my posting ? n do you have any more advice re: my set up ? thanx ahead of time !

forgot to add , the leaves that are turning yellow are all on the bottom of a couple of the plant’s.if that makes a difference.

My best advice is to keep it simple, at least to start. Training, topping, sure. if you have the seeds to experiment with and a tolerance for some possible failures, or stunted plants.
Let 'em go naturally, see how they grow, and then next run try some fancy stuff.

Also 100% on my Viparspectra 2000 light at 18" would fry my girls I use a light meter, and aim for about 15-20k lux so the light is usually at 50% or so at 18"…

Where are the yellowing leaves on the plants?

Hope this helps and happy growing!!