Fastest Way to Flower?

My pancreatic cancer grow buddy just got her termination notice; 3 to 6 months left to live. When we visited her the other day, she gave me the seeds she bought for this season, saying she didn’t expect to survive until the harvest.

These are blueberry fem photos. I’d love to be able to give her some bud from these before she exits. How soon after germination can I flip these to 12-12 to get them flowering?

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@Bushdoc I grow fast and small and what I do is: I use a small container, usually 1-2 gal, top above the first 7 finger leaf set, flip a week after topping, then set the lights to 11 1/2 on 12 1/2 off. This formula usually gets me a harvest as quick as possible. Good Luck.


I topped during the third week and flipped the lights a week later just as @Darodguy said. So far I appear to be on track with my Grape Ape to be ready mid May. Popped on Feb 2. They say 6 to 8 week flower I am planning on 8 though. Hope it works for you. My mom died from that cancer it is fast acting. Sorry to hear.

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I am so sorry to hear about your friends prognosis. I’ll keep her in my prayers. I know who can answer this one @MDBuds – can you help?


@Bushdoc fastest way to flower is to let them mature normally under 18/6 and then as soon as they have their first mature leaves (5-7 fingers) flip to flower. Roughly 4-6 weeks from seed depending on cultivar.

You can do 12/12 the whole time if you want but they still won’t flower until they’re old enough and reach sexual maturity in veg so you’d still be waiting the 4-6 weeks but getting less growth.

Blueberry is an 8-10 week flower so at best you’re looking at 14 weeks 12 for veg/flower and roughly 2 for a quick dry and cure so it’s smokable. Worst case you’re looking at 16.

I certainly hope you can find a way to help ease her pain in the end. It’s never easy watching those close to you in pain. I wish you the best.


Thanks everyone for the input. She’s got plenty of supply, this is more symbolic. I want to give her some bud from her seeds to show that life is going on. I’m starting several mother plants of my fave strains to clone from, I’ll keep one of her blueberries as well.

Fortunately, she has a good attitude about her situation and is accepting it pretty well. Another benefit of being stoned, it gives you a clear perspective.


You are a wonderful person. Even if you can’t get to harvest, you can cut a few buds for her to hold, expressing your love. God bless you.


The key is healthy seedling. From there it is gravy to quick flower… Pretty much as fast as you wanna switch her. If the seedling struggles at all its over for a quick flower.

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Tuesday, we went to say goodbye to Sandy. She’ll be gone within the week. She is on morphine, but did wake up when we came in the room and recognized us. I put the Blueberry auto flower that was in full bud on the pillow next to her and got a smile.

Thanks to everyone for your help and advice and for caring.


Oh my gosh – incredible story. You’re an amazing friend.

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