1st auto grow All advice welcome

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right? but oh well . I’m going to start a diary for my auto grow n wasn’t sure how I started doing it so … no laughing ! I guess I’m supposed to do that in another part of this forum, ugh!


Welcome!!! I would say you did it right!!! I see your post :smiley: I just started my own diaries too!!! Excited to watch your progress!!!


I’ll be watching. Diaries are an excellent way to record your activity, and share it with others. Especially your future self on your next grow. Good luck!


Welcome, Queen! What are you growing?

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thank you I’m not very tech savy I get by ,but sometimes i’m a bit confused navigating on some of these forum’s posting n such. One of my issues is when i was trying to start my diary i couldn’t find my tent ( on the search bar ) that i’m using or my light set up & there isn’t any where to put in what I want & none of the tent choice’s or light set up choices mine .so i tried to start my diary but didn’t finish cause none of the item choices fit what I have .I really like to chart my progress but until i figure out how to fill out the diary w/ the stuff i’m using it doesn’t make much sense if i can’t put down what tent or what light set up i have I don’t think the brand i have is all that rare ,vivosun tent n hydro mars light tsw 2000 ,
300 watt. if you have any ideas on how i can put in my tent n light on the diary form let me know thnx !

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yes thank you soon as i figure out how to fill out diary ( having a problem finding the right set up I have & the tent too .) other than that alls good .

I have quite a few different ones in my jungle :smile: I am thinking of doing forums on the ones I have flowering, over trying to start a diary on them… but I am still learning!!! :sweat_smile: Whatcha got growing :upside_down_face:

Shoot me a message…I might have a way to get your tent put up there quicker :wink:

@QueenV Here’s my diary:

Mostly Southern African landraces.


I have triple XL & Kush XL both hybred’s n both auto’s this is my 1st auto grow all on my own .I had about 4 grows under my belt all photo’s & I had a lot of help so for sure I’m a newbie ,these auto’s sure gave me a run for my money I,I bought 12 seeds n all of them died ,they all germinated beautifully n when I put them into jiffy coir pods after they sprouted taproots n I planted them that’s when they died ( due to me not knowing much about them ) 1st off the soil was too hot for them I had the temp n humidity wrong ! but now after many fk up’s I have 7 seeds that are doing good I bought 8 n got 8 free .so I have some more seeds to start when I’m ready.


Following!!! Appreciate you including it!!! Still learning!! :sweat_smile:

The trial and error is the worst!!! Don’t give up though, when in doubt I always blame the plant…never me :rofl: :rofl: You will be germinating like a pro in no time!!! I have faithhh!!! :100:


wow, you sound like just the person I need to get advice from you sound like you def. know your stuff :smiley: do you grow auto’s much n have you used super soils ( as their called by some ) at all ? curious to hear your tips if any ? thnx.n good luck on ur grows sounds like ur going to have some fun growing them all!

@pc420 I didn’t fill out any of that stuff, I just posted to the diaries topic. My lights, my “tent”, my humidity domes are all homemade, the seeds are from all over, mostly not sold by Homegrown, so I don’t fool around with the forms, which are quite restrictive.

@pc420 Yeah, I used to think I knew a lot about this, but the more I grow, the more I learn. I have grown some autos, I don’t really like them, I find them too puny and not as effective as photoperiod plants. And I plant in the earth in my garden, which I try to keep in good condition naturally - lots of earthworms. When I plant in pots, I just use potting soil from the local garden center. Everything organic. Even the crappiest plant I have every grown got me high, so I am not too fussy…

There are many smart people on this forum, search around and you’ll find them.

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Trial and error is costly, but it is the best teacher!

well you already have the right attitude. good luck on your grows

I’m still not sure if i navigate this forum correctly I started another topic & posted a question there wasn’t sure how I post question’s etc… anyhow , another question I had & forgot to ask on my other thread was regarding watering how much & how .I’ve been watering only when the girls soil looks dry & put my finger in approx. 1 - 2 inche’s & its dry,I then water in a ring around the plants ( not directly on the girls) I also mist them , should I stop misting when they get buds?
( don’t want mold or bud rot) still trying to figure out how to upload pic’s .

Also in my other thread I asked about LST & if i should start or do it at all (since their auto’s) thnx everyone !

Misting with the lights on can lead to burn and frying with young plants and rot with flowers.