Bushdoc's 2022 Grow

Starting this year’s grow. A little late because I was traveling, but I am going for many smaller plants. Mostly African sativa landrace strains. I’m planning to create bonsai mother plants for cloning, a couple of plants of each strain. And see if I can get some Kwazulu seeds.

10 Kwazulu regular
7 Durban Poison fem
3 Malawi Gold fem
3 Malawi fem (same as Gold? different seed bank)
3 Afghan fem
10 Blueberry fem for Sandy
3 Blueberry auto fem (Sandy gave me last year that she didn’t plant)
2 Critical Mass fem

We’ll see what happens!


Nice spread! I’m tuned in

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:heart_eyes::drooling_face: that’s a beautiful site, good luck!

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18 popped today, two days after planting.


13 more popped today! 3 days after planting. 31 up, 10 to go.


I started these using peat pellets. In the end, I won’t do that again, they are very easy to use and a pain in the ass to keep moist enough. They were on 75 degree heating pads, under domes, and still they dried out. With this issue, plus some old seeds and some questionable quality seeds, I had some attrition, so I now have:

5 Kwazulu regular
7 Durban Poison fem
1 Malawi Gold fem
3 Malawi fem
3 Afghan fem
7 Blueberry
2 Blueberry auto fem
1 Critical Mass fem

I planted the peat pellets in larger pots and the survivors are thriving. And I have good looking specimens of each of the strains I want to keep for cloning.

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Day 13, I have two dozen healthy seedlings going, along with 5 sickly stragglers.


19 days since planting. Took the kids outside for the first time today.


Transplanted some of the second quality plants outside yesterday. Just short of 4 weeks from planting the seeds. Durban Poison, Afghan, Malawi, Blueberry.

Also, put a couple of autoflowers in the herb garden:

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Today, I topped the 6 plants I am turning into bonsai mother plants. I am trying to clone the tops, using Clonex routing hormones.

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Excited to see how they do!!! :upside_down_face:

Sticking them in rockwool or? Just curious

@regnartS I put them in the same medium I use for starting seeds: I start with an 8 ounce plastic cup with a 3/8" hole drilled in the bottom, filled with organic potting soil. Then using my finger, I make a 1" diameter hole in the middle, extending to the bottom of the cup, which I fill with Jiffy seed starting soil. I water it all down and let it sit overnight before I stick the clone in a hole I make with a skewer.

I figure that, since there are no roots, the medium immediately after cutting the clone is mainly to hold it securely in place. Rockwool or peat pellets or coir pellets have no/few nutrients, so I’d need to watch for root development and need to transplant once they develop. My theory is once roots develop, they will have a permanent environment in which to grow, so I will be able to transplant at my leisure when the clone becomes root bound. Or I can give them away as little plants in a starter pot.

The clones are now under a dome, with bottom heating at 78 degrees. I open the dome daily to let them get fresh air, wipe the condensation from the inside of the dome, give them a spray so they can absorb water through the leaves, then replace the dome. They are under the soft light I use to start seeds, 18 hours per day.

That’s the theory anyway, this is the first time I have tried cloning. We’ll see what happens…

Today we had torrential rains and high winds. I couldn’t let the girls in pots enjoy their usual outside sunshine. So everyone had to spend the day in the nursery box. A little SOG action!

10 in the ground.
10 in pots, starting flowering.
6 Bonsai Mothers of Clones
5 clones (of the first 6 I tried, from topping the Bonsai moms.)
Kwazulu, Durban Poison, Malawi, Afghan, Critical Mass, Blueberry

If you zoom, you’ll see water drops. I gave them a gentle shower to wash off the tree pollen that is covering EVERYTHING this year. A strange weather pattern blew large green clouds of pollen down here to Massachusetts from Maine. It was like a fog, at its worst, you couldn’t see 200 feet. Fortunately, today’s big storm washed it all into the storm drains.

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My Kwazulu seeds fantasy came to a halt today. Of 5 surviving plants, 4 are female and the 5th is a distorted runt that I wouldn’t want to propagate, so that one hit the compost pile today. The last time I had regular seeds, maybe 5 years ago, they were 5 males out of 5 seeds. So better luck this time, but no seeds. I am revegging and going to create a bonsai mom.

Solstice status: My 10 outdoor plants are doing fine for this time of year. I have kept them cut short as this patch is less than 20 feet from the sidewalk in front of our house in a fairly densely populated neighborhood; the bricks in the upper left of the photo are the neighbor’s house.

I’ve got tomatoes and beans between my girls and the street, but they are visible to anyone walking by, if they look.


View from the street:


@Bushdoc it took me a minute to figure out what kind of plant this was🤣


Hah! I keep my soil in good condition, but when I transplant anything into the garden, I dig out about a quart of dirt and replace it with fresh organic garden soil, and put the plant in that to give it a little boost. Since I’m done transplanting for the season, I ought to put this bag back in the garage, but it’s quite heavy…

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Hey @Bushdoc,

How’s it going? I see you have all your landrace going. Have you done any pollen chucking yet?
I hope you are doing well my old friend.

What kind of plant is that? Banana?