Bushdoc's 2022 Grow

Starting this year’s grow. A little late because I was traveling, but I am going for many smaller plants. Mostly African sativa landrace strains. I’m planning to create bonsai mother plants for cloning, a couple of plants of each strain. And see if I can get some Kwazulu seeds.

10 Kwazulu regular
7 Durban Poison fem
3 Malawi Gold fem
3 Malawi fem (same as Gold? different seed bank)
3 Afghan fem
10 Blueberry fem for Sandy
3 Blueberry auto fem (Sandy gave me last year that she didn’t plant)
2 Critical Mass fem

We’ll see what happens!


Nice spread! I’m tuned in

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:heart_eyes::drooling_face: that’s a beautiful site, good luck!

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18 popped today, two days after planting.

13 more popped today! 3 days after planting. 31 up, 10 to go.

I started these using peat pellets. In the end, I won’t do that again, they are very easy to use and a pain in the ass to keep moist enough. They were on 75 degree heating pads, under domes, and still they dried out. With this issue, plus some old seeds and some questionable quality seeds, I had some attrition, so I now have:

5 Kwazulu regular
7 Durban Poison fem
1 Malawi Gold fem
3 Malawi fem
3 Afghan fem
7 Blueberry
2 Blueberry auto fem
1 Critical Mass fem

I planted the peat pellets in larger pots and the survivors are thriving. And I have good looking specimens of each of the strains I want to keep for cloning.

Day 13, I have two dozen healthy seedlings going, along with 5 sickly stragglers.

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19 days since planting. Took the kids outside for the first time today.

Planted some of the second quality plants outside yesterday. Just short of 4 weeks from planting. Durban Poison, Afghan, Malawi, Blueberry.

Also, put a couple of autoflowers in the herb garden:

Today, I topped the 6 plants I am turning into bonsai mother plants. I am trying to clone the tops, using Clonex routing hormones.