Why did my WW auto produce seeds? Are they viable?

Why did my WW auto produce seeds and are they viable?


Hey Mike! So I can’t tell you exactly why your plant did that but I can tell you some things to look for that may tell you what happened. So with autos high stress can prompt some serious hermaphroditism at any point of the grow, so a high dose of stress could have popped “bananas” or pollen sacs and self pollinated. You could technically grow them off but they tend to be high chance of herm with non fully matured seeds and self pollinating autos. With photoperiods light leaks are an issue but it autos so I wouldn’t say it was light leak. Most likely high stress either topping, fimming, cropping, super cropping, or transplanting within a period of stress that pushed it a little over what it could take. - Kronic


Hey Mike, My plants in the past produced seeds when they got stressed and I just had an auto Gorilla OG produce a few seeds and saw no signs of hermaphroditism at all and only found the seeds when a few popped out while drying. Here is what is interesting - I germinated two seed and they both are growing very well. I thought they would be auto plants since they came from an auto plant but they are photoperiod responsive!
surprised me and I will be curious to see what happens for you when you grow them.


I don’t grow autos, but I’ve also had photos that produced a few seeds due to going a tad hermie but not full on hermie.
I’ve always culled the slight few hermies over the years that did.
I’ve found the resulting seeds to be “regular” seeds, in that some produced female and some male plants.


Seeds happen a few different ways.
Either thru pollenation or selfing.
Pollenation is thru use of male or female pollen from another plant.
Selfing happens by stress, or by letting the plant go to long in flower. It’s a way to to to save a species.


Intresting info @SuperSteve can you update us on how the seeds grow out and any odditys that might come up? Inquiring minds want to know.

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