Twins-well maybe not

When I was a kid, we had friends that were supposed to be twin brothers. They did not look at all alike. They did not even look like cousins.
We used to call them “Twins of different Milkmen”. We were a rough circle. LOL

The above are 2 Strawberry Cheesecakes Autos.
They came out of the same little baggy together.
Germed together
Seeded together
Repotted together
Same Soil (pre-mix MixASoil) no external neuts.
Watered the same
Same light schedule
Both came to this world 10/6
They are 2 of four.
I rotate my plants on the floor each day before putting to bed so they see the same light.

Why are they so different. Why is the one such a runt? (I must admit that they all got roughed up on the repotting)
The small one (Darby) has always had droopy leaves.
Any ideas?

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A plant, unlike an animal, has to create the fluid pressure gradient necessary not only for nutrition but also for the literal fluid pressure that holds it up… with no pump, the plant has to create convection to move water and vital nutrition. If it loses a significant amount of its root when small, it might potentially create a marginal fluid pressure gradient and therefore marginal circulation. Imagine a person with a damaged heart (fluid pressure maker), with diminished capacity.


That movie is a gem. Arnold and d Devito seem like an odd pairing. But in that movie they were great together. They should have put d devito in the predator too. Ha

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The seeds secret exudates when they sprout. Healthier seeds maybe sprout with more exudates vs weaker?

@SlingShot looks like some root damage to me or maybe a fungal infection. Let the little one dry out a bit more and start watering in a circle around the outside of the leaves when you water. It will force the feeder roots out further and allow the tap root to dry out and hopefully let it bounce back if it is a root fungus.

I’d personally add about 1 tsp per gallon apple cider vinegar to my watering too until she bounces back to help her kill off any fungus that might be in the roots.

Also, she looks like she needs a little more light too. Can you lower or turn up your light a smidgen?

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@SlingShot here’s a screen shot and close up of what I’m talking about. Looks like both of them got a fungual infection of the stalk/roots but the bigger one dried our and recovered where as the smaller one appears to still be fighting it.


You guys are great!!
Darby (the little one) is propped up on books to make her canopy about the same distance from the light as the others.
I will do your watering method and the vinegar.


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Goof ball …

Is the small plant auto or photo @SlingShot and what is the tall one

The shorter one is a BB reg. (photo).
It is 2 weeks younger than the Auto
The tall one is a Strawberry cheesecake Auto.

If it was me @SlingShot i would transplant plant them in bigger pot wait til they take root then tie i down and you don’t have to pull it down at once slowly tei it down 1/4 in a day till you get it where you want it that’s where people mess up they try to pull it down all at once and it breaks so do slowly and make sure if you are pulling it one way put a anchor at the bottom on opposite side

@SlingShot send yuo picture of the pulling the main stim over

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Okay, I’ll do that very gently and gradually

@SlingShot you want keep the main beam keep pulling it down let your limbs grow up high because that main beam will pass them up in snape of your figers

This picture im holding the main beam im keeping it tied down and look at the lower limbs how they are growing i will send pic of the top of the plant im holding

Thanks for all the mentoring. It is really a god send.

Most people will remove the bottom branches i try to pull them out to get light to grow i noticed that the main stims branches or more like the main top and cutting branches or less than the bottom one that grow early why plants growing if it make since to you @SlingShot

Had to read it couple of three times. Lol I’m a bit slow.
I transplanted the tall auto to a 5 gal bag. Not going to do anything else for a day or two. Let it recover from that stress. Then I’ll do some gentle training.

You know, I was thinking of some kind of Lazy Susan. What if I had some kind of large plate that turned, like the carousel in a microwave oven except that it turned real slow. Maybe 1 RPM.
Then I would hang my light at an angel, slightly off horizontal.
The plants would be seeing “new” light every so many seconds or so. More leaf surface would be getting hit with the light, kind of as the sun going across the sky.
But anyway, thanks for all your help.

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I just got done bending over the Main Stern. I anchored it at the bottom with a tie. About 3/4 up, I pull it over about 60° and then near the top I pull it over to about ninety.
Right now, the very to fan leaves are flipped over.

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This is where I’m at this morning. I’m trying to keep the stress to a minimum. Should I add another bend in the vertical stretch? There are still a lot of plant that is lower than the peak?

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