To harvest or not to harvest

Hi my name is Wayne and I’m new to growing. I have successfully grown my first plant and now I’m trying to find out when to harvest. I’ve taken pictures zoomed in and the trichomes are white and milky looking with some red hairs. I think it’s got a little bit longer But I’d love some advice. Thanks


You sure there is a bud under there looks like just tricomes growing on more tricomes.


Welcome Wayne…nice, very nice
Red hairs mean nothing…Trikes are clear and milky…
OK…what strain is it?
What is your preference (energetic, relaxing, couch LOCK)
Where are you at as far as feeding (if she is fed anything other than organic, you want some clear water flushing to get some of the synthetics out). That takes time (7-14 days), then let her dry somewhat (another couple days)
Then you have 2/3 days of TTL DARKNESS
If you get more than 10-15% amber on the trikes, she is already degrading
You are NOT FAR OFF so be ready to plunge her into darkness and harvest. Then trim and dry, then cure…


Welcome @Wagsweed78

It’s looking really good!

Here’s a simple chart to determine the readiness of your bud


I really haven’t a clue what strain it is. It was from a seed I happen to of found from a bud some time ago. I had 4 or 5 good seeds I’ve found over the last year.
I have learned a ton from all the mistakes I’ve made from jumping right in w/o the proper supplies or adequate research. This plant has been growing a long time on count of these things. Now I’ve got a 3×3 tent with a fan and carbon filter w a spiderfarmer 1000 led light.
So this mystery plant started in a 5 glon bucket of dirt in my closet w insufficient lighting and without any kind of nutes her whole veg life. From the first part of flowering I became more and more intrigued with growing. I’ve been Partaking Right at 30 years And don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. We just want to be self sufficient. So therefore I went and bought all the stuff listed above along with nutes. I got the foxfarm trio and started feeding her. I also bought Incredible bulk Bloom booster. Bloom Booster is organic but the tiger bloom wasn’t. Also used big bloom on her. I only use distilled water and always adjust ph.
Now I’m right here near harvest and have my next 2 planned. I bought a 2 site ( 2-5 gallon buckets 1-5 gallon resevoir) rdwc system. I have og kush autos on the way. I’m very excited to give this way a try. I’ve seen some comments that auto’s don’t do as good in dwc but I’ve also seen some that have. I will definitely be posting questions for advice on this as I get closer to starting.
So really excited to get to growing but that’s not my only goal. I want to get to growing these beautiful plants to their full potential. That’s what really brought me here. Well that and watching Kyle Kushman on youtube. I really need a community I can come to for advice and tips on how to achieve my goals with growing.
I appreciate the comments and tips I already got back from my harvest question. We were thinking to hang in the tent to dry when we cut her down. Is that a good idea or not? Again thanks everyone.


As the others stated and the chart shows harvest according to the effect you want. Lots of ppl dry in their tent, it’s already set up for climate control.

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Tent dry-
I made my own little dry box so I did not have to use my tent. Drying recommendations are avg 50-60 temps and humidity for 10-15 days…the longer the better. Sometimes it is hard to keep a tent that temp as not everyone has A/C or cool enough conditions to maintain that temp and Rh
I lined a wardrobe moving box ($17 at most home depot / lowes type stores), cut a flap, added a small fan, add water pails, ice (I freeze milk cartons and use 1 every 8 hrs). My temps stay 55-60, my rh same…Do not point fan AT plant but away…windburn!
It allows me to start right up growing again
BUT, if you got the time, space restrictions, your tent is FINE


Thanks for all the great tips. If you don’t mind me asking what did you line the wardrobe box with?

diamond Mylar…