Stranger Grows in 2022

This is with coco though… dont think I’d run them with soil. Plus to me it looks like most cannabis roots prefer to grow down rather then out. Most pots are kinda the opposite. But the bags have a slimmer and taller build to them. Plus you can just roll them down for smaller starter plants and easy to transfer to larger later

Topped the girls and got the last Zkittles in a larger pot.

Lil Frankie is. Well she’ll be alright :+1: and the rest are going pretty much as expected… growing little heads of lettuce

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The girls…

Proud plant dad moment. The Blackberry Moonrocks are moved on to thier new home under the 420w Growers Choice. They look so yellow under the SE5000… Zkittles will soon follow… I just got to tidy up a bit first…

@regnartS Wow…At this age the three in front of “the girls” pic look like 3 different types, from left to right hybrid, sativa, and indica. Are they?

Frankenstein, Zkittles( popped same time as the ones in the back, but I let it get too dry and the shell was stuck on it for a week. I finally got the courage to pry off the shell and broke pretty much the whole top off. Here she is though… has good structure to her., and Wedding Cake

The Moonrocks doing the happy dance…
They will be getting co2 for flower time… final pieces are on order.

The Zkittles…

Lil Frankie… idk… I think I’m hitting her too hard with the nutes… Going to flush and check the runoff in the morning… lol she is growing straight horizontal?? Interesting little plant


Frankie’s run off was 6.3 ph and .83 mS. So don’t see anything alarming there.

Starting to look good in the grow room…


@regnartS Lil Frankie is a crazy bushy plant! :astonished:

Lol and its stripped clean all but top couple nodes. Its wierd … its growing like a ground cover plants horizontally


So been sick again and let my babies get way to dry. And discovered that my pH down wasn’t holding correct pH. Buuuut… they still look aight. Frankie tho lol is an Auto Flower… but no signs of flowering… guess see what happens when I flip to flower next week.

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First day of flower… lil Frankie is such a freak haha. Love that lil plant!