Stranger Grows in 2022

Hey all!
I’ll be posting my indoor cannabis growing adventures here… Advise is always welcome and happy growing!
For my second grow of 2022 I’m going with Purple Zkittles and Blackberry Moonrocks (nukeheads). I’ll also be playing with a little side thing for fun… Popping some Frankenstein Auto’s for a fun little auto closet grow. Thank you @Mrb53004 for the Frankenstein seeds! Can’t wait to grow these for sure! The Zkittles and the Moonrocks will be grown under Growers Choice ROI-E420’s (420w) and for the Frankenstein closet grow, I’m going with two Spider Farmer SF1000’s (100w x2).
I’ll be growing in Mother Earth CoCo/perlite 70/30 mix. For nutrition I’ll be running Ventana again all the way around. Other then that… still working co2 and RO water supply for the room but thanks to my new Hydrofogger, humidity is steady ready at whatever I want. I’ll be soaking the seeds in purified drinking water for 12 hours then onto wet paper towels on warm cermic plates until they pop. From here I’ll go with the clear cups inside solo cups in coco until big enough for 2 gal fabric pots. The photos will get moved on to 5 gal fabric pots and I will be sticking with 2 gal for the whole run on the autos. You can check on my first grow of 2022 here>>> Black Cadillac Auto grow failed! ... Purple Dawn Photo.
Good fun was had and much was learned.


Best of growing, always smoking, enjoy!

So far the score on germination is as follows…
Zkittles x5
Blackberry Moonrocks xX x5
Frankenstein x1

Atleast the paid for seeds are popping! Hope for some little sprouts soon!

Starting to get sprouts!!!

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Couple more sprouts…


O and I found this…

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@Mrb53004 my lil Frankenstein Auto. Can’t wait to see what she does.

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Looks real good, especially since it is about a year old. Good storage. I just sprouted some FSA and have a couple FS photo I am trying to sprout. MY FSA does NOT look as good as yours!. I got some gg4 hybrids (ww/gdp) that are looking real good. I also tried hybridizing my Acapulco Gold photo with some Gold Leaf auto (compliments MDBuds / homegrown seeds). They are f1 so not sure how the kids will grow up. Otherwise, just auto this year as I am now restricted in growing due to my new residence / location
keep me posted with growth of FSA please. AND, if it turns out to be a male, I would love some pollen

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I see you got a co2 tank. Heads up - if you have ventilation on constantly, it is a waste of $$ so turn off all fans when using. You will need a meter to keep under 1500… and temps must be above 82°F for it to be effective

That pic at the beginning of this topic is quite a teaser! I’ll be watching the FSA if that’s alright. I got nothing going on right now except curing.
I have a co2 tank also, haven’t used it yet, but I got one. It’s left over from when I used to drink. I had a fridge with a tapper mounted on it. Got rid of everything but the tank (filled).

The girls (hopefully) are starting to get going now… and lil fsa.

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Off we go!!!

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Well ok… now off we go!!! Got the Blackberry Moonrocks and the Zkittles in thier homes. Tonight ill get the Wedding Cake and Lil Frankie transplanted.

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