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Trichomes on nearly 4 weeks of flowering on GG#4


My cheese has turned out nice


My GDP photo - all most time​:hugs::+1:t4::hugs:

Have a good one ya’ll


burnt up by nutes they’re still looking sticky and Frosty!!


Maybe but man, they are popping! Letem ride brother, letem ride
Adcrag…those tops look scrumtileyumptious…(best I could do to spell it). They are really filling out. You have a lot of little nothings sapping strength from the flowers. All those little lower node pieces can come off. You can keep them as is for extracts. They carobolize just as good as the rest of the trimmings.
I would trim them, keep them, add them to your shake and trimmings when she is done, carboxylate and make something to drink, eat, etc

Why are all those big leaves so yellow on Adcrags plant? If I had a plant with yellow leaves like that I would be pulling all of those off. And I agree on all that lower garbage should be stripped off the branches so it doesn’t put any nutrients toward keeping any of that alive. And I agree even half dead she is Plumping up nicely and actually she’s come back now she’s stopped burning and the burnt leaves are being replaced by healthy green ones. Cannot wait for Harvest!

@dmThe yellow is both nutrition switching from the leaves to the buds, but also other factors, like temps and feeding that are adding to it. I would NOT pull off big fan leaves, yellow or not…not so close to flowering completion. I agree on all the small stuff, those just suck the nutrients out of a plant and she hass a lot of undergrowth.
If she was not so undesirable of Couch Lock, those babies could double in size / thickness
I recommended to her to re-veg the GDP. If she left a few decent buds on it, she would see how much they FILL UP as the plants moves back to vegetation
I re-vegged my GDP and had like 2/3 decent buds and they more than DOUBLED IN SIZE before it actually flipped back to veg mode.


Yes I did not mean pull them off now. If it were my plant it would have never got to this point I have a tendency to pull anything that starts yellowing or looking like it’s got any damage at all. I prune leaves off of my plants every other day at least to control where she’s growing and how she’s growing but never get close to the canopy. And good to know about the Gelato I will definitely put it in my next rotation. I believe next time I may go with three Square containers that will fill the same area so I can do 1 CBD plant and 2 THC plants. But since I just bought a pound of CBD buds I may wait another rotation or two because I don’t need one yet.

I know you didn’t mean that and I am not trying to tell her what to do, It is what we would do. I also would have trimmed off those teenie weenies but you are right…little at a time

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Ok @Mrb53004 & @dmtscravey, I thought she is yellowing because she’s almost finished, I could be wrong. I’ve been giving ph water with molasses for about week.
Check out


Following here because I’m with you in your thinking and I want to know if there is a correction.

I don’t think those are Amber trichomes I think they’re Amber because of the color behind them. If you look at the ones on the edge with the black background they’re all clear as far as I can tell or cloudy anyway and not Amber. But I’m also pretty high and it’s late at night and I don’t have my glasses on so let’s see what Mrb53004 says.

Late at night? Do you go to bed at 4pm? It’s only 9:44 where I am and I thought you were behind me?

All right so I misspoke it’s evening time. no I don’t go to bed at 4 pm more like 4 a.m. damn insomnia anyway

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I totally get it. Did I send you passiflora tincture? Aka passionflower? If so, ten drops in a cup, pour in boiling water, cover and steep 20 minutes. Titrate up or down to preference. It normally puts me right to sleep.

It’s like I have insomnia for my insomnia, myself. My Creator: Here, have some menopause, and a little Parkinson’s symptoms on top of your PTSD. Everything will be fine, don’t look out the window, the world’s absolutely not on fire. :rofl: :joy:

Shoot. Not my thread. Hurry up and load some images.

You did send that. I did not like the taste and my oldest son 31 has a lot of anxiety and delusional problems and he tried it and loved it and it keeps his anxiety down so he is using it, so thank you very much for that.

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I can’t stand the taste, myself. I can send another bottle or two. I need to get it out of my house.

PS: If you follow the directions above, you can then put it in another drink and you won’t taste it at all. Boiling water takes care of the alcohol, but covering maintains the botanical qualities.

Sure if you would want to. What can I send you in return? We will work it out.

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Nothing that I can think of at the moment. I’ll let you know. I can send you some valerian tincture, I cannot stand the smell of that stuff. Hell, I’d give you the whole rest of the bag if i didn’t have it requested all the time. I would be hand pouring that, but it’s the same as the passiflora tincture. I just don’t have fancy labels and big location yet because it’s the last thing on my mind right now. It was donated to my clinic, but when I closed shop I forgot to send those back and was told to just keep them.

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How about a prepaid envelope or something like that?