Show Your Homegrown!

Ok @MDBuds Thanks for all the info that is exactly my next grow 1 white widow 1 white Russian and 1 purple Kush they are all germinating right now. I will follow your suggestions to bill as if you were talking to me lol. anyway thanks for the suggestions your knowledge is invaluable…PEACE


@dmtscravey not a problem man. White widow is one of my all time favorites. Hope it helps you as much as it has me. Happy growing brother. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


I want to pick your brain about LST’s or fimming or super cropping or whatever I need to do to increase the yield or size of the bud. normally just do a leaf prune and then occasion branch here and there But I would like to do more and also I need to know about how much molasses to put in again like per gallon of water?


There are two methods of LST that I use. One is bending and shaping. You just bend the branches a little bit every other day until they take the shape you want. It’s a long tedious process but well worth it if you have only a few plants in a limited space and want to maximize your yield.

The other LST method I use is the tie down method. I do it a little different than most though. I start between 4 and 6 weeks depending on the size of the plant. Generally I want it to be at least 6 inches tall and to fill half the pot. I anchor the stalk and then slowly bend it over and tie it down to the pot. Here’s where I differ a little from everyone else. Instead of just tying it over and then tieing the side branches I wait for the top to grow some more and then I tie it to the side of the pot again a few inches away from the last tie down and I continue this in a circle around the pot so my plant ends up coiling. Then as soon as it sexes and shows some preflowers I stop tieing the top and then bring all of the side branches down for an even canopy then I trim a little to let light and air in. I guess you could say it’s a mix of standard LST and what they call the bonsai method.

Topping is pretty simple and straight forward. As soon as I reach 5 nodes I cut the top off about a half inch down under the new growth on what would be the 6th node.

Fiming I do like topping but instead of cutting the new growth off I will pinch and twist it a little or I will make a precision cut down the middle and lightly pull it apart a little. As it heals it will branch out with 3 to 4 new branches instead of just two like topping if done right.

The molasses I use approximately 5ml per gallon for a light photo feeding or 2-3 ml for a light auto feeding. 10ml per gallon for a heaving photo feeding and 5 ml for a heavy auto feeding. I do one as soon as the plants start veg from seedling more so to give the soil microbes and fungus a boost to help with nutrient uptake for the plant. Then one as soon as i flip to flower or once the autos start to flower. Then once every two to four weeks during flower depending on the needs of the plant and soil. I do my last molasses feeding usually 2 weeks before harvest so there’s not too much starch build up in the buds.


Right on I have 3 plants going I’m going to try all of these methods I will keep you posted throughout the next few months on how it does for me thanks again


I’m actually seeing everything you’re talking about in terms of increasing yields. I get very large, healthy colas, but usually just the main stalk. My current grow is more like a sea of green and is doing very well - much better than the last few crops in terms of yield.

Also, on a side note, I have multiple tents/growing areas so I can have crops coming to bear every month or so. Works well - should be better now that I’m learning more about increased yields!


Perpetual grows are always great to keep bud around. Also makes it easier to experiment with different techniques. I’m trying to get my perpetual grow going as well. Just need two more lights and a tent. I have everything else ready for my propogation and cloning station, nutrients, compost, seeds, etc…

Wish the money would come in faster so I can get it done already. :joy:


Bill I just bought 5 gal and 3 gal cloth bags from amazon…I got black and tan. Tan for outdoor warmer weather as I had issues with black absorbing too much heat. I use 3 gal for autos in winter, 5 gal in summer. I supplement lighting in winter to make sure I get min 5/6 hrs of light (in a grow tent on my back porch, I grow outside, even in winter as avg temp here is 60’s night, 80’s day. Sometimes it goes down to 45/50 night and mid 70"s day but that doesn’t stop the girls, it just adds color). I move them here and there, near and far but not in my car. I get very decent return in 3gal bag and can do more plants so my gross is higher. Because we use nutes, we can expect larger crops. This allows us to use smaller containers


I love the l.s.t on these
U should try it early
I normally pull down the top of my plants ( if I don’t top them) and then as the branches grow I’ll pull them in separate directions as u did above ive found that by doing this the branches will grow taller keeping up with the newly trained top creating a wider surface area on the canopy, this will also allow what use to be the smaller branch buds enough room to get as much light and air as the top bud creating bigger buds on them as well
This brings u from 1 top and smaller buds to multiple tops that are bigger n more unified in shape and size which ultimately increases yeild.

Hope this helps in the future


you do this on Auto’s? or Fems? I always train my fems but rarely touch auto’s. I never grew auto outside before and less hours of daylight (still got good temps) make me hesitant to touch the girls. I just tried topping 2 GSCookie auto while in incubation and moved outside Friday. I will wait for your response to see it you meant "AUTO’S). If so, I will try your method.