Photo or auto? I think I was sent the wrong kind of seeds

So, a couple of months ago I received my first order from HGC and started my first grow. I planted 3 auto seeds from HGC (1x Sour Diesel auto, 1x OG Kush auto, and 1x Jack Herer auto) in 5 gallon pots with soil/coco/perlite mix.

2 months in, my Jack Herer auto is STILL not flowering. Meanwhile, the Sour Diesel auto is only a couple weeks away from harvest and the OG Kush is about 3 weeks till harvest. Obviously the environment and growing medium are suitable to sustain life because the other plants flowered in time.

I know that the only true way to verify if this is a photo period plant is to flip the light schedule to 12/12 but I can’t do that until the other two plants are out of the tent.

Does anyone have any possible insight on this? Is there anything I can do now or should I just wait till I can flip it? Customer service has not been any help. All they wanted was the sku and insisted the sku belongs to autoflower seeds but couldn’t it be possible that photos were mixed up and sent in error? If I paid for auto seeds then that is what I expect to receive, but it sounds like customer service would rather go back and forth with me instead of sending me replacement auto seeds.

I don’t know what more I can do at the moment. Any advice on the plant or about how to proceed with the lack of customer service would be appreciated.

Thanks. :blush:


Some autos take longer, I’ve heard of some going 14 weeks. And even within strains you can have slight differences. I have 6 lemon haze autos going right now. 4 at week 5 and 1 of them is obviously several days ahead of the others, but all sprouted the same day. The other 2 are week 4, and again one is several days of development ahead of the others, while they sprouted the same day.


Seeds act like cousins at a family get together. You can tell most are related to one another, but there are distinct differences with each individual. Like Rye said, some can go longer than others. Another thing to consider: perhaps Jack likes it a little warmer or colder than the others? Maybe she doesn’t care for what you are feeding? Maybe it’s the soil? Too many questions, I know, but that’s how plants are. We like to think we are G-d, but we truly are not.

If your plant isn’t looking distressed, is growing normally otherwise, then it’s just taking a bit longer and there’s not a thing customer service can do outside of that other than come stare at your plant with you. I understand wanting something to happen, but a single plant out of a pack of how many seeds should warrant a complete replacement? I’d love to see pictures.


@Canna.krys hey there! Sorry your Jack Herer is taking her sweet time! She is an auto! So autos come from Ruderalis strains and because Jack Herer is a photoperiod crossed Autoflower occasionally you see longer veg times, as the ruderalis gene tends to be 90-100% as it’s not exact science. My fiancées Blueberry x Jack Herer is at day 62 and still hasn’t flowered yet we harvested her Blueberry Auto already. Give it 24 hours of light and soon enough you’ll see flowers!


Thank you, everyone, for the input! I figured I’d pop on in with an update and a couple pics. We finally got some pistils! He was starting to look way too big for the 5gal pot, leaves were a lime green, and I was having some drainage issues so I figured he was root bound, transplanted him into a 10 gal pot, and gave him a good watering. He is finally flourishing. Looking to be quite the beast. :grin:

Here is what my set up is looking like. The Jack herer auto easily takes up half of my 4x4 tent.


Beautiful @Canna.krys !

Very nice grow you’ve got going there :+1:


Thank you! Not too shabby for my 1st grow. Already making plans for round 2. :wink:


That is a good looking plant and plants. For a first grow you are doing an amazing job.

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try putting one of the plants in less light. Like a lower lighting schedule. That way you will know for sure what is going on.

Woah they looking great!

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@Canna.krys your 1st grow looks great. This is my 1st grow too. One White Willow & Granddaddy Purple.

Tried LST, we’ll see. Nervous. !
White willow

Granddaddy purple photo is lil, but I guess they grow slower than autos

I’ll be watching your progress, happy growing


You ladies are doing awesome!! @Adcrag @Canna.krys Both of you have great looking grows going. It is nice to see some diversity getting on here instead of all us old men just trading tips and stories. Everyone on here is great at what we do and a couple of guys on here are really really knowledgeable so stick around and take advantage of everything this forum has to offer and welcome.

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Lost my White Willow photo. She’s poppin lol


I’m curious, as well as new at this. What are all the green strands doing that are connected to your plant?

@Kris Those are tie down wires for Low stress training

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Thanks @dmtscravey, I love the forum & the advice is PRICELESS. Considering nothing else about my new hobby is, but it’ll payoff at harvest time!!

Take care and be well. Happy growing

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Hi I was attempting to LST my plants. Not successful, but I’ll try on my next planting.

Keep me posted on how your girls are doing. Happy growing!!

Is it beneficial to put autos on a 12/12 schedule?

Autos will flower no matter what the light cycle

They “automatically” begin to flower because of the ruderalis gene

I kno that, but thanx 4 the response. I was thinking in terms of darkness, along with cooler night temperatures can give the plant its colorful hue.