Missing Currdogg

I reached out to currdog because I hadn’t heard from him in a while. I considered him a very valued member of this forum. It’s a shame that him and Derek had a disagreement and the result was currdogg being banned from the forum. Honestly I’m sure Derek had his reasons, but I have literally used this forum daily for a year and a half, and I’ve only seen Derek participate once or twice. I think he’s too busy doing podcast to moderate in my opinion.

Derek and currdog may have had a business disagreement over the gold leaf seeds. But Currdogg had won over the hearts and minds of the people of this forum. It’s a damn shame he got kicked out. I like this forum a lot better than the others because the moderators aren’t Nazis about banning people with divergent views. I have been growing for like 30 years and participated in all of them. I felt until recently, this was the most friendly growers forum I had ever seen. If you wanna have angry moderator, please make it somebody who participates regularly in the forum. Whom at least knows was the hearts and minds and the value of members.

Sorry if I offended you Derek, but I had to get this off my mind. This is the last I’ll say about it. And quite honestly I almost said nothing. But honestly, currdog was excellent towards your product line and customer support questions from confused or unexperienced growers that popped into this forum. He had a very personable and colloquial style that was easy to get along with. Not a jargon scientist. He even defended the homegrown product lines when other people had questions about the quality many many times in the past. If you had been in tune with this forum, you would have known that, and cooler heads could have survived.

I run my own business in the real world, so I get you don’t want to take shit over your business. But I think you banned a great advocate (ironically) of your product line, and made a mistake. He was a presence that made the forum better in my humble opinion.

Peace and growing all…:scream_cat:


Damn i didn’t know he got banned i agree with you @Noddykitty currdog was our daily grower on this site and helped all of use and your wrong @Cronic for kicking him off this site hell your never on this site i think that it couldn’t been so bad that it could have been work out and not kick our friend @CurrDogg420 off of this site


Damn imma miss currdogg420 he was one of the first to help me out…


I saw the argument go live on this forum and I agree @Kronic you lost your cool man (of course I don’t know if there was any private messaging going on). I and several others have had bad seeds this past year and trying to work with HGC is not easy. Yes, humans make mistakes but if they make too many you should fire them or train them better and not use that as your justification for bad situations.


Everyone I’m on this forum daily. I get over 1000 emails and messages between YouTube and this platform and Facebook. Believe me I see the post and I have a team that helps me. You guys can say I lost my cool bit didn’t. I received over 10 + messages from IT workers who read the forum post and agreed with my position along with my bosses and the entire team or people that work at HGCC.

Currdogg decided to put his two sense in on a subject that was not even meant for the forum. Currdogg was told to open a ticket and stop commenting while I am trying to assist a person who had a situation unresolved and should not have posted on the forum in the first place. Believe me I don’t like banning people but I made it clear that I am not on this forum to give out free seeds. I’m here to help teach and educated like all the other admins. We have an entire customer service team dedicated to helping. We actually looked into the initial ticket that the original forum poster had, and his ticket was solved and we reached out to him.

Currdogg added on to exacerbate the situation instead of minding his own business. Along with that, for those saying I lost my cool?

What’s losing cool? I was called a liar by some random guy on a forum, that yes he helps and is a big advocate, but nonetheless a random man calling me a liar and telling me he apparently knows how homegrown works behind the scenes.

He gave me 0 respect to begin with, when I wasn’t even speaking to him to start. He piped in on a forum thread and I gave him multiple opportunities to stop. I even stated anyone who continues will be silenced for 30 days. So he got what I told would happen since I made a very apparent statement that anyone with customer service needs, should make a ticket.

I’m not sorry for having to Silence him. He disrespected myself, my team, and interjected into a customer issue that was no his own.

He made consistent disrespectful remarks to me without me even having commented towards him to provoke the rude comments.

I didn’t lose my cool, I just don’t follow the “customer is always right” crap when they want to be rude to me.

I do feel for those that appreciate Currdogg as I appreciated his help. But I don’t give anyone special treatment and when a forum admin tells people to stop the argument on the thread, to prevent any more issue. Then that forum admin instructs those with issues to make a customer service ticket and Currdogg keeps arguing and calling me a liar, well I do t feel bad for silencing an adult throwing a tantrum at a forum moderator who can’t control anything with billing, payments, or seed sales. As I told Currdogg the first lengthy paragraph I wrote.

You guys need to understand there’s two sides to every story and go read the original thread, he called me a liar 3 times before I even initiated a comment to him. There was no respect given from his end.

Thank you - Kronic


Also to the comment on firing those who make mistakes - go read the thread. No one made a mistake.

When tech teams implement write ups from our editors and writers brackets and periods don’t transfer occasionally.

It’s a tech problem. We gonna fire the Internet then?

It takes our team and occasionally customers to be understanding to bring issues to our light where we can fix it.

We had plans of replacing seeds for those who made tickets but Currdogg kept arguing with me and inciting I was a liar.


He’s not banned btw he’s just silenced.


Ya muzzled the old dog!

I’ve spent 30+ years doing client support, nothing gets resolved without a ticket to reference. And if it’s not resolved to your liking, there is usually an escalation process, and a better way to deal with those on the phones (I know you are just call support and are limited in what you can offer me, can you please put me in contact with your manager?) to get your issues resolved. I’ve also sat on Board of Directors at a housing co-op for 15+ years and had to deal with all sorts of member complaints, NONE of which we could deal with in a public forum due to privacy concerns (which really sucked, as the complainant can air their side, but we couldn’t counter. So you are damned either way!

Remember folks, you get more flies with honey than you do vinegar! (strange saying, wtf do you want flies for?)


Hahahaha I love that saying at the end :rofl:

It’s very true. I can’t please everyone but rules are there to be followed. I tried to express the way things needed to go, he didn’t want to follow the rules and so the consequences happen.

I’ll always get hate from people but I don’t mind, I’m used to it. Anyone who knows me knows I’m literally on this forum like it’s my life and just because I don’t post doesn’t mean anything. Trying to make this place a great community for growers to be a part of. It’s tough to create and if you’ve ever been on any other forum there’s almost always hate on every thread.

I may not be posting but I’m present making sure everyone’s chill.

I’m sad when someone who is an educator gets uppity or starts drama, but it happens. A 30 day silence is just a timeout in the corner for not playing nice with others.

I’m glad you commented this as well because man I had a bunch I wanted to say about the situation that I’m not allowed to because it’s private between client and our customer service. So it was a headache having people jump onboard to something they see only 10% of. It’s like an iceberg, on the tops visible, there’s always more underneath.
Much love @spudgunner


@spudgunner & @Kronic i totally get what you are saying. I run my own business installing custom aquariums in medical centers and high end homes. Basically the customer is Never right is always the case. When I have a personality problem I am just booked out. Perpetually.

The one time I lost my cool I was stocking a new saltwater tank for this Microsoft fellow in Redmond Wa. He was a lead at Xbox. Anyway, he asked me to use the “help entrance” on the side of the house. And not the front entry were the tank I just installed was located in the grand foyer. I thought he was joking but he was not. Somewhere in the middle of him “telling me I was help and needed to know my place” I got angry and tossed poured the bucket of fish into his face. Told him to fuck off and drove away for ever.

Unfortunately he trolled my business for the next 10 years on any online review. Lucky for me 99% of my fruitful leads come from word of mouth and not my online presence. Right or wrong I wish I had played it cooler and just had been booked out perpetually with that mother fucker instead of getting mad.

I am so done beating the dead horse. I have more than cleared the air and my conscience. I am going to go smoke some jilly bean topped with some gold sift. Still loving that trim tray I got for Xmas.

Happy homegrown everyone🙀

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Where’s the @CurrDogg420? Did I miss something?

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He got silenced @CkNugz not sure for how long i missed it to my friend

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He’s silenced until Friday I believe - I’ll check shortly. Was just 30 days or 2 weeks (honestly can’t remember what the minimum is).

@Noddykitty yea I would have been frustrated myself!

When people have a lot of money and they feel like they own you, that’s the type of disrespect that like truly gets under the skin. I don’t blame ya for losing your cool but I totally love how you book yourself perpetually for shittt customers so they can’t get work Hahahaha that’s too smart and that’s the best way to avoid someone without confrontation!

Can’t please everyone and it definitely is harder to please people when they have a shitlod of money with a big ego, that Microsoft fella sounded like a jackass lol

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Nah his ban ended today his account is good to go, I just checked :slight_smile:

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@CurrDogg420 @Daddy1971 @CkNugz @DollarBill @Rusty @GrnyGrows @Noddykitty Well all of this has left a bad taste in my mouth…if our young Kronic has to write a book to justify his actions, well in my opinion you are not cut our for customer service. It was fun while it lasted but I am moving on since the forum was the only thing holding me here because last years seeds sure aren’t.


@retiredoldguy don’t let that shit run you off you have become big part of our family friends


They contacted me a couple of weeks ago. I replied back and heard nothing as of this day. I made a couple of comments about the 2 out of 12 seeds that worked. On a lighter note the 2 that lived are doing fine. :ok_hand:


Retiredoldguy, let me know where you go.


@retiredoldguy Try to keep the business side of the site separate from the discussion forum side…I have to as I cannot purchase anything and get it shipped to Canada, so I am ONLY here for the tips, tricks, and shooting shit with like-minded people!

@Kronic only had to write the book because of people demanding retribution via the forum for something that should have been handled on the business side via customer service. There’s no customer service for the forum, just a moderator to keep the peace. Which is what he was trying to do! He IS NOT customer service!

I’m sure there are a lot of folks on the forum like me, those that AREN’T customers of HGCC, either because they live in Canada (and they don’t ship here), prefer taking clones, have their own supply of seeds, or even buy seeds from the competition (oh no!). Do we kick them off the forum for that? No, we still want to hear their techniques, see their their results, learn from their mistakes (and successes).


@rusty shoot me your customer service ticket and I’ll see why it wasn’t handled appropriately and get them to contact you.

@retiredoldguy i really don’t understand how you guys keep being mad at me. Currdogg literally started off being aggressive, rude, and degrading to me before I ever talked to him. The initial poster of that thread that started this was already reached out to prior but apparently was unhappy with the solution we tried to make and came on the forum to be mad, slander our company, and not seek any solution I could provide.

Someone actually commented on my side initially and I commented to let everyone know that this is not a customer service place, we don’t handle billing and I have no access to giving free seeds away. I didn’t want anyone to start demanding free items and create a whole army of angry demands I can’t fulfill or handle.

I instructed everyone to make a customer ticket and what do you know, Currdogg commented, bullied me, and then demanded free product like I knew was going to happen. I had to silence him to stop the thread from going and I had to calm everyone else down.

This became a paragraph writing battle because people are being unreasonable to my side of the situation.

I’ve been nothing but nice and respectful to those who gave me respect, but I won’t be bullied on my own forum lol

I don’t get why I have to repeat myself but if you’re mad at me for some reason I guess okay. I don’t get how someone calling me a liar while I’m trying to help another customer is such a thing to defend.

Where is the thinking for that? I didn’t just boot Currdogg. Man was demanding free stuff, slandering the company, and calling me a liar all while I tried to keep my cool and tell them I’m just a forum admin.

You guys head over to whatever forum you want chances are one of my team members or I help there too. I run and admin a bunch of various pages, groups, and forums for a few companies. So hate on me all you want I share and help this community over 40+ hours a week. I love this community and I truly don’t get why I’m being thrown through all this slander when I didn’t do anything wrong.

I’m not explaining It anymore. Make up your own minds

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