Mini Autoflowers! Kronic and Mary Jane’s Garden

Day 1-27 for the big girls and 1-20 for Amalthea :blush:
I’m testing the opposite theory I did with Luna this time, letting my roots go longer than final transplant with enough shock to prompt flower. Worked on all 5 including the youngest Amalthea. Excited to be testing theories that work out. It’s always a lot of fun! For those wondering why? This could be an amazing option for those SOG growers that setup perpetual grows to pump out flower harvest once a month to every 3 weeks. If I can get these girls flowered under 40 days I’ll be excited!

24/7 Light Cycle - Mars-Hydro TSW2000 -
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CO2 was added - TNB Naturals Canister

Organic Grow in Fox Farm Ocean Forest / Happy Frog blend

Compost feeds using Bloom Yellow Bottles full line with additional nutrients such as Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Extract, Herculean Harvest, Bloom Khaos, and Aphrodites Extraction from Nectar of the Gods. As well as I use organic earthworm castings (Top feeds and in tea), blood and bone meals (Top feeds and in tea), and Terpinator.

75-78 degree temps with 60-65% R/H in a positive VPD.


Mars-Hydro TSW2000 full blast 12”

Use the code “Kronic” for a discount off your purchase!



1 gallon fabric pots

Fox Farm Ocean Forest

24 hours of light

Fruit Autoflower

CBD White Widow Autoflower

Big Devil Autoflower

Critical Purple Autoflower

Grapefruit Autoflower

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this would be the opposite of mini autos - same tent :slight_smile: check out this girl here How to grow Blueberry Autoflower - Q&A


Wow…they are incredibly bushy for such small plants!


@Kris right?! I am shocked haha I was expecting less bushiness haha I’m pleasantly surprised :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have never grown auto’s before. I didn’t realize they were going to be so small! LOL. I’m amazed they are already flowering when so small.

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Ok…I’m curious…why so many bamboo sticks? I don’t see any stalks tied to them for strength?

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@Kris yea autos can be whatever size you’d like :slight_smile: you can prompt flower in week 1 if you want them small like I’m testing out :slight_smile: as well as for the bamboo steaks all those outer branches are tied onto them , same with the center with green twist ties :slight_smile: she’s a big girl!

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