Mental Health vs Different Strains

Good point, they are pricey as hell, all basically only help a bit, and hard to know if dosing is right. I wonder if anyone on here has made their own tincture/rosin/anything from a cbd strain yet? @MDBuds do you have anywhere in the forum with your process for RSO?

Edit: oh yeah just homemade Rick Simpson Oil, I guess I can prob just Google, but any tips on making?


@kanashiihawk Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for sharing your story, as a matter of fact THANK you to EVERYONE who shared their story! First my name is Derek LaRose, I go by Kronic. I am the Weekly Wednesday Potcast Host for Homegrown Cannabis Co and I started that entire segment on IGTV because I wanted to discuss my journey in growing, dealing my ailments, physical or mental, and showcase to those fighting those fights they can do it as well! Also how to do it! I deal with chronic back pain, scoliosis, as well as pinched sciatic nerve with touching L4 and L5 vertebrae in my lower back, bone spurs, as well as carpal tunnel in both wrists from tattooing. I also have had severe trauma through the years, having been stabbed at 15, multiple times being jumped growing up (20 + Concussions at this point), as well as serious life traumas. Suicide was part of my path unfortunately but I’m glad to be here and alive. It allows me to share this with you all seeking those stories or asking for your own personal understandings.

For me anything too 100% Sativa can and will make me have severe panic attacks given the situation, circumstance, or surroundings. Generally if I am consuming any high Sativa strain I want to be outdoors hiking, writing music, writing poetry, handling my plants, or my animals.

Generally I like to consume hybrids, Sativa dominants for my daytime activity and Indica dominant for night time.

For sleep (oh yea forgot to mention insomnia is on that list with anxiety), I use heavy Indica. They help mellow me out the best, relax my back, as well as I’ll use any heavy Indica if I get migraines.

My go to strains -
For Sativas - Jack Herer, Haze strains, GG#4, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesal, and Durban Poison.

For Hybrid Sativa Dominant - Blueberry x Jack Herer is my favorite and than any of the top sativa strains I have listed with indica backgrounds.

For Indicas - Blueberry is my all time favorite, any Skunk lineage, Northern Lights, and really any Kush strain I love! But Blueberry anything has my heart.

If you do want to hear me blab about my background or my cannabis journey I do have a youtube video on it :slight_smile:


Do any of y’all suffer from severe muscle cramps & spasms on a daily basis? If so, what works for y’all?
Lookin’ to be pain free, or almost.


@GOLLO constantly unless consuming some sort of medication, typically cannabis.

You’ll want either hybrid or indica dominated for the muscular/inflammatory issues. Also something with a decent amount of CBD.

I broke my neck and back in 2007 (c2-t1) along with many other injuries in a car accident. The only thing that stops the spasm/cramps completely is heavy doses of cyclobenzaprine. Instead I use cannabis, while I still have spasms they are not near as painful or frequent. And it allows me to save the other heavy medications for when it’s real bad.

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Thank you guys @MDBuds @coolbuds for your recommendations I will for sure look up the CBD oil and try it because I do need something to help with anxiety also. I will research that brand and see if I can find it locally. And I do have one recipe for an ointment that I have not made yet I want to try but I also would love to have other recipes and methods such as drops on the tongue or something so I don’t have to smoke all the time I’m leaning more towards therapeutic than just wanting to be buzzed. PS I thank everyone on here who is a veteran for their service that does mean more to us non serving than you can imagine. I will end this with a nice fall shot of Southwest Missouri!


@dmtscravey I would look into RSO. It was originally designed to treat skin cancer successfully but it also works great for pain, epilepsy, anxiety, ptsd, etc… depending on the strain used to make it. There is already a recipe and a dosing schedule for it here on the forum. Just need to source your strain and get some everclear ready along with some 60 ml catheter syringes.


I just went and read that recipe and I’m excited to try that. It sounds very simple to make and I’m hopeful it will work on my pain and some other ailments. Thank you for all your knowledge that you share with all of us On the forum and other places I’m sure.



First, thank you so much for your sharing of your journey and the strains that are helping you. While looking over everyone’s lists of favorite strains/cultivars I notice both a lot of similarities as well as differences.

I think it goes to show that we all need to be our “own-best-advocate” when it comes to ALL aspects of our health (Physical/Emotional/Mental) and we alone know what kind of “feels best” or at least hopefully HELPS our conditions without causing any undue side effects.

I’ve always heard the Ruderalis (autoflower) gene has more CBD in it than photo period, but as others have said…In today’s rapidly changing genetics even “auto-flowering seeds” can push some THC levels into high double digit numbers!

I have heard some really positive things about the Blueberry strain, and I do have some auto Blueberry seeds hanging around… Next grow cycle :wink:
Peace and Good health to all.


here’s a blueberry Autoflower we have going right now! I really hope that this strain helps you as much as it helps me! It’s a pretty insane trichome producer - easily 18+ % :blush: much love and happy growing!!! :raised_hands::pray: