Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - January 27th, Wednesday @6pm PT

"Who’s Kyle Kushman?" What!? Only our Resident Cannabis Growing Expert…

The legendary grower and journalist changed cannabis growing for beginner’s with his amazing Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana. This expertise comes from 30+ years of growing amazing weed and 13 years of Cannabis Cups!

Let’s not forget his exclusive line of cannabis seeds in our Cultivar’s with Character series!

Nate Hammer, Kyle’s British Cannabis apprentice, will be hosting this wonderful event! These guys go way back together! They’re almost like an old married couple at this point :joy:

Nate and Kyle will be answering all of your cannabis questions for a full hour! Get those doobies rolled, bowls packed, heat up your dabs and have your popcorn ready because these Live Q&A’s only get better and better!

To participate, register on this forum as a user and post your questions as a reply for Kyle below!

Happy growing!


I can’t wait. I love it


from HGCC seeds

GG #4 Fem.

Day mate. Kk smoke up. Is it possible to skip the veg. Stage on photo? If it is a small space maybe

What are your thoughts on cloning a plant that grew from a clone? How badly am I watering down the genetics, and what exactly does that mean for the end result? Thanks, Kyle.

Genetics don’t dilute when you clone - they are exact copies - the age of the clones can make a small difference but you’ll still get the mother plant each time


Hey Kyle, Thanks for all the KNOWLEDGE y’all drop into this side of the Twilight Zone.

I’m gonna plant some beans I’ve been germinating (Blueberry x Mazar Auto), Should I grow in their final container, a 3 gal bag, or start in a 1 gal then up to the 3?

For the man Kyle Kushman, what are your favorite types of articles to write, or maybe things to photograph. Personally flowers of any kind are just lovely behind a lense! Much love and happy growing figured I’d give you a fun question this time :slight_smile:

Do you have any first experience combating with spider mites? If so what would you recommend?

Hey Kyle and Nate!

I have read that autos are less potent than photo periods, is this true and if so why?
Your friend from the North!
P.S please make Nate do some rendition from Oliver Twist!

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I am growing several different strains of your autos. I notice in the descriptions most do not address which strains need sog or scrog. And which take lst and defoliation well is there a place where I can access this info? Thanks

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What is the highest THC strain of seeds you offer that grow well outdoors in the southern USA with the shortest grow time and deliver the largest yield per plant?

Last summer I grew 10 huge Purple Haze plants from HGCC seeds on my deck in Marin County. Read all of your growing tips and videos and was very successful for a first timer. For this summer I was thinking to shorten my growing time by using your auto-flower seeds. What strains of your seeds would you recommend for outdoors in Marin? I generally prefer hybrids. THANKS

I have a DWC system and I added a pump to move my nutrients around so they don’t sit at the bottom, but created a lot of heat like my bucket hit 90* a few time and I had to cool it down with frozen bottles for three days till I got a chiller. Now I have a chiller and have my temperature at 66* but my question because of the heat and I am 6 weeks into veg I only see a 3rd of my root structure will that ever come back and if not will my plant die before it completes its life span ???

What’s up Everybody!

Kyle, I just found your videos…if the planets align, I’d love to smoke a joint with you one day! :sunglasses::expressionless::slight_smile:

Question: first grow in an indoor tent and I’m concerned about humidity levels. I have a small humidifier and will be getting a small dehumidifier soon. If it makes a difference, I live coastal San Diego.

Do you have any suggestions for setting up humidifiers and dehumidifiers so that they don’t just sit there battling each other for proper humidity levels? I can see a case where they just take turns raising and lowering the humidity all day thereby wasting power. Or am I just needlessly worrying?


Hi Kyle! How do I lower my ppm?

Is it possible that you could come out with a inexpensive line of seeds for beginners to work with before we invest in you’re more expensive stock? I don’t think that your prices are high I’m just very unsure of my abilities at this point I would hate to waste you’re good stock on my novice knowledge! Please help!

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I had enough good night

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Hey did you ever answer my question I didnt hear it if you did or missed while grabbing a drink?
Thanks guys!

" What is the highest THC strain of seeds you offer that grow well outdoors in the southern USA with the shortest grow time and deliver the largest yield per plant? "

Hey guys! I’d like to add CO2. What’s the most effective method that a not-so-handy grower can manage to add to her tents? I’m looking at those xhale bags. Or is there a low-cost smart system that can just do it all for me?