Is this plant ready for harvesting? (first harvest for me)

Hey guys, i have just taken a few new pictures of my plant today. I am seeing signs of “ready to harvest” but its kind of mixed, so i need help figuring out if i should wait more.

So here is the entire plant:

Here are the buds in the top part, the ones closer to the light:

And here are the bottom buds:

So, the thing is i read somewhere they are ready to harvest when the stipules are turning orange, and in my case the bottom buds have orange stipules while the top buds are all still green!

Also, i used a microscope and looks like the trichomes are turning cloudy but i guess i should wait for some to turn orange?

Please help me out here, i will also need to stop feeding my plant nutrients like 10 days before harvesting, correct?

I am a first time grower and i don’t want to throw all of these good results in the trash can, hahaha.


It looks to me like you got a little ways to go. Don’t give in to the “chopped too early” urge. Keep doin what your doin and let the buds stack.


How many weeks have you been in flower? I’d say you have at least another 3-4 weeks. Those buds have a lot of maturing to do. Make sure you have a jewlers loupe with at least a 60x magnification for trichome veiwing. Great looking plant, btw.


This is how I let mine get but everyone has their own preference

I think those buds have some swelling to do still they should plump up for you a little more


Be patient more of them blonde hairs should get more orange but most of all I go by the color of the trichomes , you don’t want to have waited all this time to cut it to early its a waste of all that time its better to cut a little late then a little early at least in my preference good luck happy growing

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Looks like maybe 3 weeks left? Her foliage is still looking very lively also. When she begins to sequins she’ll look a bit dull and the fans will definitely start to droop a little when she’s finishing.

I like to give her a final clean-up (defoliation) around this time and the flower down low and inside will definitely be improved by lighting.

As far as the pistils go… I like to see all my pistils fully decayed (you can always have a few white ones poking out if she continues to try and stack new growth… But generally you’ll see those on some foxtails as she’s finishing)

Also, the calyx’s need that final ripening time to fully expand out (this will greatly improve the texture of your flower as well) and the decayed pistils will start to curl and recede into the flower as they get caked by trichomes.

Ill probably gives this one 6-10 more days.


Thanks guys, i really appreciate your help with this.

I will keep you posted in a few weeks!

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Hey guys, so i told you i would keep you posted. I have just harvested today!

I actually would love if you could help me double check if i covered all basis for the drying, here is my latest post with pictures: