I want to Breed a "Dwarf" Male SFV OG with a "Dwarf" Female SFV OG...Will the Seeds grow to be Tall or Short?

I want to Breed a “Dwarf” Male SFV OG with a “Dwarf” Female SFV OG…Will the Seeds grow to be Tall or Short? There’s a place that sells the seeds & weed together which means I get both males & females growing. What I want to do, this is the first time I’ve ever done this, is take the pollen from the approx. 4"~ full grown male, and pollinate the approximately 13"~ full grown female.

By doing my very first breeding, I wanted to select a very distinct blend of power with height and form a little more controlled. Both of them were seeds from the same company; possibly different purchases & different grows. What I wish to do with this is to create a “©Desk Top Cannabis Plant”.

My Grandfather was an Ornamental Horticulturist and his techniques were wonderful. This is one area ~the pollination where he did numerous tasks. I just don’t want to mess this up because how man times is a possibility like this going to come along? I’m in it for the science and the possible convenience of new home growers that may want to keep it small…to put on the desk & watch throughout the day while at work…possibly at home also while working.

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, my growing grew into larger heights in February 2020. This is when I obtained a few different seed & weed combinations. I soaked the seeds & smoked the weed…what a concept, huh? :wink: But when I saw my first male plant…I got worried. You see, I’ve usually grown with clones that I purchased at a cannabis store; seeds have never been easy for me. I purchased several thousands of dollars of seeds that ~out of all of them, only 4~ plants actually grew. They weren’t strong, and I gave up a bit on that. Until I learn how to boost up an old seed, I’m stuck with some beautiful looking seeds.

So back to my idea, does anyone think it would work? I’ll post a photo of each of them a bit later; but for now here’s a photo the male pollen of the SFV OG and the bud of the female SFV OG. Peace & Happy Growing!!


I think it will work… to a point.

Just like in humans, the offspring of dwarves have more probability of being dwarfs themselves, but not 100% of the time.

I think if you were to try this experiment, you could end up having some seeds that would produce the desired desktop size, but some seeds will develop into normal sized plants.

It would be nice to be able, over several generations, to get the mini plants you want, but cloning may be more reliable.

When you get several plants of the desktop size you’re aiming for, take cuttings for clones. That way, you’ll know each plant will be miniature for you.

Interesting idea. Don’t expect a lot of smokable bud from them! :wink:


It’s definitely possible. Like Khatru said it’s just a matter of pheno hunting out the short growing plants and continuing to breed that out. There’s a strain called FreakShow that Humboldt sells and it’s a strain where the grower pheno hunted out genetic mutations in cannabis and bred out those anomolies into what is known now as the freakshow strain. So anything’s possible it just takes a lengthy breeding process.


Hi Khatru…

Well it’s worth a try. I have an alternate male that’s absolutely gorgeous; thick stalk; big plant. I believe I take a piece of plastic wrap, wrap a rubber band or string around the male bud, then collect the pollen very carefully. Does that sound like I’m close?

The problem with me is I really suck at making proper clones. I don’t have a good hormone compound. I’ve tried the aloe vera…dipping the end of the cutting in the straight aloe juice, but nothing. I would love to find something really reliable to make clones grow. Any ideas?

This is so much fun talking with all of you; it’s like I have a new family. Peace & love to everyone!


Hi Kronic…

I think I’ll try it. I have a few more shorter females I could use, like you said it’s a lengthy process to breed, but it’s worth it. Learning to breed would be a different level of fun!

The ‘FreakShow’ strain sounds interesting. I’ll look into it. At least if it doesn’t work out I can always vape the rest of the plant. Thanks so much for the input. Have a great day! :wink:

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@Butterflymusic yayyyy! That’s exciting, keep us posted on your breeding project! If you get a super tiny desktop plant I totally will trade some seeds from my bank or give you a donation :wink: I love collecting unique phenos! And my fiancée and I love to bonsai plants so that’d be a perfect type of strain to do it with :wink: Yes, definitely check our freakshow! It’s a super unique strain to see :wink: unbelievable to be honest haha


Strawberry ~Banana

Hi Derek…it’s still in the works. I have several “Dwarf” plants growing right now; Jack Frost, Gas Leak & SFV OG. I’m just about ready to do another SFV OG pollen transfer to another flowering SFV OG female some time this week if the pollen balls get close. The one I did the first pollination on is still growing ~all with her little 1-foot self…she’s a cutie pie! I’m wondering after the pollen is on the female, how long would it take to build into seeds? (this was written on Sunday 9-13-20) Stay tuned…

:desert_island: :sun_with_face: :beach_umbrella: Update!

WOW!!! Okay I’m a bit…no I’m a lot jovial & happy about what I want to share with you, Derek & everyone…The little miniature SFV OG Female has SEEDS!!! I was in shock when I looked this morning at the buds; feeling like I didn’t do the pollen job right, well guess what? It’s just like the old fashioned story of the lovers holding hands, then the female gets pregnant. Mom always said it just takes holding hands…and yup…she has SEEDS!!! I have

! a few, okay lots of photos just to see if my 1st time as a breeder worked…just in case I’m not seeing this right, but to me it looks like she has SEEDS!!! Yippee!!! Oh the smell…there’s no way to match the smell of this over~resin~beauty! I’ll need to learn when to harvest…as I want to get as many seeds as possible.

Today I’m pollinating a “Gas Leak Miniature 10”-tall" with a “Gas Leak Miniature Male 10.5-tall”. I’m also going to pollinate a taller SFV OG Female with an SFV OG Male that’s tall & gorgeous! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Next I’m going to use the pollen from the 4" SFV OG Miniature/Dwarf Male to pollinate another SFV OG Female, I haven’t decided which one, but I’ll take photos once pollen gets going.

One of my favorite ways to trim my junipers is in a bonsai style. I love the look, and this little female I speak of above has the adorable looks similar; or in styling. The way I prepared my plants for heavy branches & bud growth, this time is by topping-off at the end of each branch. I did this with 4-plants: Miniature SFV OG 10.5" x 10.5", Kush Mints 23.5" x 23.5", Strawberry Banana 34" x 31.5", and my Lemon Sorbet 33.5" x 31.5". What this did is even out the growth so the reach from ‘Branch -to- Branch’ is the exact or similar ratio in height at the trunk, to the top of the plant. My theory worked, and I’m going to be utilizing this all throughout my grow(s) to keep notes on which strains adhere to the “©2020 Top-Off-‘T’ Style” to control the size in height & width of plants.

Here’s a few photos of this “©2020 Top-Off-‘T’ Style”, as you’ll see where the Kush Mints is adhering to this, and the Lemon Sorbet & Strawberry Banana is just starting their bud growth. The buds will weigh down the branches, but with my “©2020 Top-Off-‘T’ Style”, there shouldn’t be a need to support extensively the branches once each plant gets to ‘fruition’ ~an ‘adult’.

Until then I’m getting as many ideas for miniature & compact cannabis plants. As this is me feeling like a child again at my Grandfather’s Plant Nursery (non-cannabis plants), I’m like a kid at a candy store right now. I’ll keep posting updates & try to learn about when to get this girl harvested! Peace & Happy Growing, Everyone! :dove:


Nice plant mine all our door no extra additives At all organic to the soil Just an lil experiment :+1:t4:

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@Oman_17 Nice Bud! have you tasted any yet?

No not yet after the 3rd week of October

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Hi again, Khatru…

Well, it worked! I got seeds from the Dwarf SFV OG! I picked 2 of them off the bunch & put them in some water. In time it will hopefully bring some lovely dwarfs. I had some of the bud from one of an almost full grown 8" dwarf, and it’s pretty potent! Here’s a few photos over the past few days of seeds.

2020-09-24 10.41.13


Got an update on the SFV OG Dwarf that I began breeding a few months ago. She has seeds that are large enough to use, so I was able to get two seeds off of her branches. She’s ever so sticky, and she has a twin! I found an exact match plant that’s about an inch taller, but the same count on branches and The Identical look. So I’ve decided to breed Dwarf #2 with a large SFV OG.

I have decided that the males are very valuable to keep for breeding, as I threw many away, I am so sad that I did that now, but I’m growing more & males are popping up here & there. So they’ll be back at some point we’ll just take a little while.

The other breeding projects are still in the works and there’s no seeds noted as of yet. The important thing for me is to carry on in my Grandfather’s tradition, as he loved the dwarf plants, I’m also loving them! You’re so cute, and so easy to work with. The only thing that I probably should get, is one of the very fine trimming scissors that would be for very small exact trimming.

Because these Dwarfs are so small; some of them full grown almost at 4 inches tall, the seeds are not easy to see. the buds are so tiny they’re smaller than a pencil’s eraser cut in half. I’m helping to grow a larger Gas Leak at some point because the strain is so nice with pain killing. I’ve been thinking of reading the SFV OG Dwarf #2, with Gas Leak male. at least one branch.

I have tags that I made out of my tea bag end with the string and the paper at the end identifying what type of tea it is. I separate the tag paper, then write down exactly what I’m doing. Have to write small, but you can see tagging the area is pretty easy for breeding is to keep track of everything. And it was a very wise breeder/grower recently that told me to get a notebook, so I have one on the front that says ”You Got This!”, and I have several notes in there already. The only problem is because the Dwarfs are so small, do I have to write in small print as well? Oh that’s just a little funny for everyone.

The update on the Kush Mints is that she had a dried and that look like it was ready for Harvest. So I couldn’t help myself, I touched each part of the bugs, they fell right off in my little bucket. I guess it’s a little bit more earlier Harvest, but very welcome.

The smell of the Kush Mints is absolutely outstanding! Wow she’s growing a hefty strong skunk stank. While this bud’s drying, she’s a very sweet smelling light mint hint with a touch of mint chocolate. I have tried these buds in their early stages on the Volcano Vaporizer, and the baby buds alone or a knockout!

So often away I go to continue my breeding journey of dwarf cannabis plant. I’ll keep everybody posted. unfortunately because I have so many things to do, I can’t come back here daily and give you updates. Nevertheless I’m taking very good note oh, photos, and keeping track of everything.

The one thing I’m noticing is that in my experience so far, each of the strange that I’m working with do not have mold or any thing like that. One time there was a caterpillar that came to visit, but I decided to lead it to somebody else’s house. Some of the plants I began in February, and some of them a few months later. And at one point I saw a snail, and I’ll give everybody a recipe for how to get rid of snails: get a coffee can with the lids or something with the lid that you can throw away. Get and keep a large container of salt you know the one you buy at the store that you refill your salt containers with. Ben little bit of salt maybe a tablespoon in your hand and throw that in on top of the snails. You will seafoam bubbling, and if they’re not all gon/exterminated, then just add a bit more salt. It’s much safer than pesticides as I do not use one chemical oh, I only use natural oils mixed with water and my special green soap.water mix for spray bottle to keep the pests away. And I dust the plants off each and every day during the flowering & take each spider web off-I get a stick & swirl it around to catch them. Normally I do have a spritzer of water that I spray the spiders and keep the spiders off and I also Spritz the outside and the inside of the containers to keep anything wanting to travel into plants a detour. I have left of little things to share that I’ve learned along the way that hopefully will help everyone. Peace and happy growing to everyone.:wink:


@Butterflymusic i have to show that right now to my wife. will she ever love the dwarves

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Hi DollarBill:

Here’s the Dwarf #2 of SFV OG 11.5" tall & 11.5" at branch to branch measurements of 11.5" tall ‘bud-to-veg/bottom’ and 11.5"wide leaf to leaf.

SFV OG Dwarf #4, 5.5 inches tall 9-27-2020

Then I have the 5.5" SFV OG Dwarf #4 that’s full grown as far as heighth, and she started flowering about 3 weeks ago. Today I’m hoping to get her pollinated with the 5.5 SFV OG Male. The beauty of the Dwarfs is that you can have a lamp on your desk & a little plant growing to fruition right next to you while you work. Such a warming thing to have with you; keeping you company. :wink:

The SFV OG Dwarf #2 shown here with measuring tape at 11.5" tall
7 11.5" wide~branch-to-branch

… here’s the width measurement at 11.5" I just took this morning…

Please tell your wife I’m working on the SFV OG as well as Gas Leak strains to preserve these wonderful & very potent I might add, Dwarfs. I’ll keep you both up to date on photos & notes as they grow. It’s going to be interesting. Peace, Love & lots of Growing & Breeding! :wink:


@Butterflymusic so cool you have many colors going on


It’s easier…when I see blue, I know it’s a smaller plant…if I see pink it’s gotta be a larger plant. Plus it’s so much fun when I see different pots at a good value, I’ll buy a few. The colors keep it fun. :wink:

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You are on the right track. I bred years ago but no more. You need much patience my child, much patience. The process gets repeated over and over and over as each grow takes you a step closer. Genetics are hard to overcome, it takes a mutation to move a strain from its natural predisposition to a different one without cross breeding to a different strain. And even after all that, you can get a seed that reverts back to its lineage. The genetics are always programed into the dna of the plant and just like people, it can skip a generation, or 2, or 3 and come back. As far as Bonsai, I have tried wire wrapping the stems to grow it like a bonsai and you can stunt growth but it is mostly from stress, not a genetic change.
Clones - I too sucked at it. Always failed for one reason or another but my friend (partner grower) was a master at it. He always used Clonex - gel.
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress, it is fascinating!
Especially SFV OG, one of our all time favorites. Wish they had some seeds here instead of the kush. Waiting for an SFV OG Auto


@Butterflymusic Hello out there :v::laughing:


Hi Mike…sorry it took me so long to respond. Thanks so much for the information about the ‘Genetics’ factor. The plants seem to like the trimming I’m doing-basically just bringing light to the center core-stem, and any tilted leaves that could shade the flowers I get those out. But the little ones are just looking more like the Bonsai style with just trimming them. Interesting idea about the wire for Bonsai.

I do have one of my seeds that grew from a “Lemon-Sorbet-starting strain” that I crossed with “Wedding Cake” and “SFV OG” males. Once I got the seed off the Lemon Sorbet plant, I let it sit~ thanks to DollarBill here at this site that suggested I let it sit for a few weeks before planting. Then on 12-14

-2020 I planted it once it showed a tap root. This turned out to be a male, which is fine, and now I’ve taken the pollen and put it on a ‘Northern Lights (N.L.)’ ~I think its a N.L., but it might be a Durban Poison…I’ll know in about a month once the flowers begin to flourish more. I plan to transfer it to my outside grow-room in the next week. Once I do that, I’m sure it will be a bit larger, but it does look like it is a full dwarf at this point. I’ll keep posting updates. It’s exciting to see my own seed growing…it’s just amazing! Please send me a message that’s more private…we could be neighbors. I have seeds of the SFV OG, N.L., and a few more. Thanks again for all the great information. Peace & Happy Growing! :slight_smile:

Hi DollarBill…I love this dwarf you have…so cute. I would love to learn more about this tying of the branches. I’ll have to read about how much stress it puts on plants, I’m a softy. But it looks like we have similar patterns with some of the seeds…like the plant size. This is fun! I can’ wait to see what she looks like with buds on her. Have you been close to harvest of this one yet? I did harvest my miniature Wedding Cake about 3- weeks ago, and she’s got new growth on her little branches! I’m loving the re-grow stuff.

Sorry I haven’t been online for a little while, I’m going to do a post to give everyone a warning about a situation with a garbage/rolling yard waste can. I got injured pretty bad & been suffering trying to get stuff done. Anyways I’ve been growing & want to see what’s happening with you & everyone…I’ve missed you all. Here’s a late ‘Happy Easter’ to you & your family &

everyone! The photo is of a Northern Lights but just starting to grow. Peace & Happy Growing! ;

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