I want to Breed a "Dwarf" Male SFV OG with a "Dwarf" Female SFV OG...Will the Seeds grow to be Tall or Short?

Glad to see you back in action…New seeds - need to cure just like weed…early seeds usually fail. I let my seeds dry for at least a month before I attempt to sprout them
I am in the process of pollinating Frankenstein (my proprietary auto) with GSC auto…I will probably name it Frankenstein Cookies


Hi again Mike…I love the name of your invention…‘Frankenstein Cookies’…sounds great! If you want to send me a private message, maybe we’re close enough to where I can get you a few seeds. Let me know…I do have a few to spare.:wink:

Frankencookies sounds phenomenal! :ok_hand:

The Dwarfs are Awesome, Definitely following this journal.

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Hi Dirt Dirt Chris…

I have an update and I’ll put my photos here. Glad you’re interested in Dwarfs. The buds are 'Tiny but Mighty. The medicine that comes off the little dwarf plants has been really nice. I’m still learning exactly when to harvest and everything else, but my plants are doing nice. There’s some really nice people here on this website that I owe my grow to. Hats off to everyone that’s been so supportive in getting my grow going smoothly.

Here they are. Enjoy the day & happy growing everyone! :wink:

the ICY KUSH looks like it is foxtailing. Do you have these outdoors? How much daylight WERE they getting originally compared to now

Icy Kush is outside as light begins to end of day into night -24hrs & 7-days a week. What’s ‘Foxtailing’?

Foxtails are a kind of aesthetic deformity we see in cannabis plants. Cannabis flowers, or buds, are formed by a bunch of unfertilized calyces. If pollinated by a male, each one of these calyces could house a seed. When left unfertilized, however, these calyces swell up and eventually form the buds we know and love.
In a normal cannabis bud, these calyces grow close to each other, around the branches of the plant to form round, even nuggets. Foxtails, on the other hand, form when these calyces grow unevenly on top of one another, creating a lop-sided, uneven looking flower.

OG Bubble Gum Foxtail Cannabis


Foxtailing can be caused either by genetics or by stress. If you’re growing outdoors, any foxtailing is almost always due to genetics. Some strains of cannabis are simply more prone to developing foxtails.

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Thank you so much for this information. A few of my plants have this. The Northern Lights so far doesn’t seem to have this at all. Is there anyway to deal with this other than making sure it gets pollen? Can’t do much with the genetics, I’m just a beginner really. Well back to gardening. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

no pollen unless you want seeds. I would not do that unless you want seeds. SOmetimes it is just inherent to the plant…just let her grow. I have grown many foxtails…you can clip buds along the way of manipulate her hormones to further develop her trichomes for early harvest