I am trying to bump this to get a response possibly? Reusing soil and having great results, anyone else ever?

So I am trying the Photone app, and I don’t know yet. From one light to the next which are both mars hydro, but one is 300 watt and other is 480. I am getting higher readings from the 300 than the 480 it’s crazy. But that is another subject.

So here we go grow 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. These are much smaller than normal, in fact this is the emptiest I have had my tents since I started. I guess because the holidays are coming up and I will be more absent than usual, plus the fact that I am starting to add photos into the mix and I am being cautious.

Reason being I already have 28 oz in my cabinet, with at least 8 more drying atm. I have two more autos ready in about 4 weeks. I have a photo that is currently at week 11 from seed and a monster that is going to double or triple in size. So another lb? maybe 2 the way I am growing? I have created a monster in myself and I can only hope for a way to rid myself of all this excess.

Blue Gelato #41 “She was created by crossing the famous Blueberry with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the fresh and fruity Indica, Sunset Sherbert.” Going to flip soon, a tiny bit of super cropping and topped 11 times. Hoping for a new year harvest. It will be the sole plant in this grow…my first.

Here we are starting to fill the tent again. Let me talk about the two big girls first. This is definitely a learning time with the new light and how close or far I should have it. Why I am trying the app I mentioned earlier. I am also starting to try something I learned from someone I watch on you tube. The first plant he grows is always untrained to see what the strain is capable of without training. So one is trained and one is un. But the trained one is showing extreme signs of ruderalis as the dominant. I have found this several times buying from different cultivars…but not enough to concern me. Maybe one in every 6 shows signs of dominant ruderalis. So keeping a close eye on the trained one…other looks like fire. Very short but gonna be dense buds.

This is G13 from ILGM. It doesn’t say what it is crossed with…only that it is a mystery lol. We will see.

The real interesting thing I am doing now is with the babies in the pic. These are grows 18, 19, and 20 in the last 18 months of my life. I harvest monthly and once a week so sometimes my harvests draw out 3 weeks of the month every month. But I trim by hand and to the point of extreme bag appeal.

The biggest change I have made is I am now trying to reuse my soil from previous grows. My wife has great success with her plants using my leftover soil from grows, so I am curious and also always looking for ways to save money. I have left the roots in the soil as well as I have heard it is a good way for the new plants to tap into nutrients that were already present in the soil from the previous grow.

Anyone had success reusing soil besides people who do living soil?

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As a gardener other than cannabis I always reuse soil and amend. :woman_shrugging: It’s what I was taught to do. Autoflowers don’t use as much as photo period so that’s always reusable and I just break up the root balls on the photos to reuse. :blush:


Yeah I learned that on a recent podcast, the new plants will attach themselves to the old roots which are already filled with nutrients that they need. Man I am so getting into this stuff deep. Love it.


The three to the back are all in reused soil, roots left in it and no reamend. Just feeding as usual.

Autos don’t use as much as photos so you can really just rip and replant.

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Just remember to amend it at least every second grow because constantly reused soil will become hydrophobic after a while.


Will do, thanks for the advice

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Sure you don’t want to rip my plants and tell me how light stressed they are? LMAO

my lil tent :+1::+1::+1::100::100::100::100:

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Some haze amnesia 2 and some cookies and gelato on the left on the rt the sog is GreenCrack and blackjack

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latest blackjack and greencrack photos

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I reuse my soil 3 or 4 times. I just break up the soil real good add a little fence row compost to the mix and replant in it and it works great. I don’t feed till week 3 or 4 so the left over nutes have time to get used up and the plants don’t burn as easy.

For a small pot that sounds about right. In a 7 gal earth box I will use six cycles and only pull the main root ball and leave the feeder roots. For the seventh cycle I till it and reammend it with new minerals and a little food and let it sit in a tent an entire cycle before using again for the next run.

A pretty heavy top dress in as my autos finish stretch. There is tons of food left in the box after a cycle… I just dig the soil out were im going to transplant the seedling to and fill it with a lighter blend. It helps if you plant to one end of the box or the other then you can add a massive trough of food that they can grow into later as the worms and mycelium have broken it down by then and the plant is really only going to uptake what it wants in a bottom water. If I was top watering, id definitely back off the nutes a little.

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