How to grow Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower, if you want to purchase this product you can buy Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower marijuana seeds here.

Any others with experience growing this auto strain? I have two (along with one photo, Critical Bilbo) in my tent currently. The GG’s are bigger than I was expecting and aren’t really flowering yet at just over 8 weeks. They have huge long pistols and are showing some little white hairs around them. I was hoping to harvest these GG’s soon and flip the CB over to 12/12 for that to start flowering, but that one is showing pistols and even more white hairs under 20/4 light. I may have to move something outside to make room in the tent. It’s only 3x3x5. Is this normal for the GG#4 Auto strain?
Thanks for any input you might be able to provide.


Idk about the flowering but I know that I only got 9 out of 16 to successfully germinate…quite disappointed. I tried everything the ones that did are doing great

…big one is starting week 3 of veg others are on weeks 1 and 2

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What did the label on your seed pack say…u may have been sent photos instead

This is what my auto labels look like compare it to yours

@wnyrenegade those are correct

OK the only thing I can think is that the photo genetics when they crossed them may be prominent in your seeds. I was told it does happen from time to time. i know last year I had to actually trigger flower for one of my autos i separated the ones that didn’t auto n put them on 12/12 for a couple days. I’ve also had autos that never flipped themselves until closer to the 100 day mark. Their unpredictability is one of the reasons people stay with photos…i hope this helps

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@wnyrenegade several growers near me got those exact seed packages you have as summer was half over their grow and late auto is their chose. here are the GG’s in Fem. if it will help sort out ideas

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I got this sorted with the support people - they confirmed they sent the photoperiod strain by accident. They sent new seeds - twice - they first sent me photoperiods again (score), I let them know and they sent the correct autoflowering pack after no questions asked.


@ILike2RideBikes fantastic

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OK so update on my auto gorilla glue #4’s.
My center on was put into soil on 9/11 and doing awesome…literally put this through hell to test strain. Lst at 1 week. Early leaf def. Of leaves Blocking prime bud sights. Stem twisting. Etc. Incredibly resilient. Doing great.

3 on the left and the 1 on the top right popped in soil on 9/19 no lst yet no def. Of leafs. Growing good :+1:.

BUT :rofl: the 4 popped into soil on 9/19 ALL started popping hairs yesterday, they are about 5inch. Max

Middle on is still vegging probably because of what I’ve done to it. Which is fine

(Solo cups have photos, 2 bilbo and 1 gelato popped in soil 10/2)

Anyways how tall u guys think the 4 with hairs get given current size, keeping in mind they are on day 19 of a 65-70 day finish schedule.


It depends entirely on genetics but generally speaking plants double to triple in height during flower. Indicas usually double and sativas triple usually as a general rule but it varies strain to strain.

So your 5 inch plants can maybe grow to 10-15 inches.


the bilbo and gelato are photos (not flowering)
Its the smaller gg#4 autos im wondering about

But that 2-3 times flower thing should be good
They max a 2ft 9 anyways

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Just fyi
Anyone growing the photo bilbo
They DO uphold the up to 9ft growth so I your using a tent train train and train some more then top extensively :laughing:
I found out the hard way

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New gg auto pick updates week 1 of flower for most

Also gelato and bilbo

Update week 3 and 2 flower



Gotta tell us how it smokes, looks sticky as f…


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Whats the final dry weight on this little beauty


I’m not sure yet, it’ll probably b ready for the snap n smoke test by end of the weekend

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Has anyone tried Terpinator or Purpinator, if so, how was it?

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