Help! What the heck is happening!

Okay so I’ve had success growing outdoor last year. But I’m still a beginner. This is the first round I’ve tried to grow indoor and the leaves do not look healthy at all. I don’t know what I did wrong or how to fix it

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So there’s a lot going on and I would highly suggest starting over with the plant on the right. The other plant you can save. So I would transplant the other plant into a larger container filled with Fox Farms Ocean Forest or Roots Organic 707 Blend topped with 1 cup of Organic Earthworm Castings, 1/2 cup of Bat Guano, and 1/4 Cup of Kelp Meal. Then give PHed water with 1 tsp of unsulphured blackstrap molasses per gallon at 5.9 to 6.0 PH. You need to then check your runoff to see what the range of your plants ph is. Looks like a very underwatered plant that is also heavily out of PH range.

Be sure to water ever 3 to 4 days, making sure to check soil moisture daily.

The big one is on the right lol you don’t think it can be salvaged?

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It’s the small one for me hahah the big ones left pic :joy::rofl:

Darn technology! I should have specified. Yea the small one will cost you more time and effort versus starting fresh but big one can be 100% saved :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!!

My first crop looked as much. Mostly because of my own arrogance. I did not know if I was growing autos or photos or if there was a difference. I had never heard of strains. All I knew about pot was it made me feel good and I would buy it through my daughter.

Then we moved into the mountains and I live on a pot growers dream. 18 acres on a hill that is all mine. Temperate weather (N. Georgia mountains), rain and a hilltop that sees as much sunlight as Montana. So why not.
I did not know where to get pot seeds so I did a google and ended up here. I bought a 12 pack of strawberry cheesecakes and threw nine seeds in the dirt and put a little over them!! That was it.
I was dancing when I saw leaves I thought I recognized. I’d water some but mostly just use the rain. Saw some bugs so I sprinkled 7-5 dust. Had army worms so I learned about Nee Oil.
But this crop was so bad, I did not know it was bad. I planted 1 July and harvested early Oct. Out of 9 seeds I got less than 2 ounces!! And it was not good.
After this crop failure, I did my homework. By now I knew most of what I did not know. I’ve had two crops since and each was better than the last, exponentially. I am not looking at growing two or three Banner trees outside. As Photos, they will grow in 15 gal bags until nature flips them. I will keep them topped enough to go into the green house or the grow tent. But I intend on growing pot trees!!
Dive into You-Tube. There is everything you ever need to know. Pay attention to detail. Don’t get overwhelmed (too much). Ask questions here before you take an unsure step. This can be more than a source of cheap pot. As a hobby, I got sucked in!! This is one of the more fun challenges I’ve undertaken in 20 years.