Grow journal #1


Nice start.

Give us strain info etc so we can enjoy the journey with you!

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Nice start :+1: . What’s the stran?

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@Eggs :wink::wink: what’s cook’n? What’s the strain? Is it in soil?

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Yea, soil, girl scout cookies on the right gelato on the left, hlg 100 in that tent I’ve also got the 260 rspec xl but it’s in the store room with my 2x4 tent, ph perfect nutes but I discovered mold in the soil of the gelato last night I separated them last night gonna get some anti fungal spray in the am…

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Btw all my seeds since I started growing have been from homegrown, had some that didnt germ once n they replaced them with no problems, love this site!


check the date :palm_tree:

i just harvested from this seed pack


Love the hlg lights. Im running 3 of the 288v2 rspec, and the 4 pack of 144 v2 in my 3Ă—4 tent. They are amazing lights.


100% agree, I started with a cheap blurple, n when I switched to hlg I was simply blown away by how my plants responded to the hlg lights


So when i got the 144 board and installed them, one was bad. Called them and they sent me 4 brand new ones at no charge, let me keep the other 3 that were working. They mailed it that day. AMAZING customer service and amazing product.


So I am pretty experienced at this, but, I used a little white vinaigr on my soil to try to eradicate or at least keep the mold at bay, but my plant has reacted very poorly…I believe shes in lockout, or atleast I hope, I’ve been flushing… undiluted white vinegar is bad, I tested it out so no one else has too lol


I dont think shes gonna make it, shes been in steady decline

Don’t give up yet. What are you growing in? Soil?

Critical thinking question: Vinegar is what? How do you correct it’s action?

I suppose an acid technically? So ur suggesting its polar opposite would rectify my current situation…seems reasonable

But what in my house is the opposite of acid? A base solution safe for my plants…

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting. Opposite of an acid is alkaline. What’s your soil pH? If your mag level is fine, calcium carbonate will work.

On second thought, when you added the vinegar, did the soil percolate (aka bubble)?

Idk honestly :frowning:

I edited my comment above. Do you have a soil meter?

I got the ph tester, I tested some run off, it reads in the 6’s