Gorilla lemon fire plants seeding

Title pretty much says it. Checked on my gorilla lemon fires last night (wk6 flower, indoor, LEDs) and both plants are fuckin showing seeds.

I have grown in this tent before with no issues. Unfortunately I fucked up timing and they had to stay in my small tent for an extra couple weeks due to a logjam. Things were a little cramped but not the worst ive ever seen, and were still getting plenty of light. The crampedness was for the first week or so of flowering, then they got some room.

Would that have been enough to stress them or does this strain have a bunch of hermie tendencies? I cant waste a ton of time and energy growing seedy buds again so I want to try to nail down what the fuck happened.



@shittysandwich firstly sorry to hear that your buds are showing male sacs. Secondly, it could have been being too bunched up, when a plant becomes too bushy or feels light trapped in lower leaf or nodes it will stress out and try to self preservation. What you can do is carefully pluck every sac and keep her defoliated, schwazzing is what I recommend. Keep an eye on her, don’t stress her too much, keep consistent light and you should be good! Also don’t be too upset if she is a hermie and self pollinates, don’t use the seeds as they’re unstable, however Hermies actually tend to rest higher in all categories including THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN. So worst comes to worst, you can process and make dry sift hash or dry ice hash and have some nice hash bowls or sift through the seeds and have some “shake” that’s potent. I personally use my Hermies for processing so I don’t waste my efforts! Especially if they test higher :wink: hope this helps some! I have a hermie right now myself from a light leak in my previous tent! - Kronic

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