Gadgets for Growing

We’ve all used various “gadgets” in our grows - whether purchased or “created” out of necessity. This topic is for all of us who pride ourselves in our ingenuity - or just know how to use something properly - to post those ideas for all to see. Here are my first few:

A similar “LST training” item has been mentioned in other posts, but it seemed a bit pricey to me, so I went in search of and found the following (it’s actually for tomato plants):

Some actual pics:

Also, in the automation department, a nice little watering system you can program just in case you need to leave the girls alone for a few days:


Gadgets are both awesome and irritating, depending on if they work. Having said that, I LOVE gadgets. Been looking at various plant clip/benders/spreaders etc for training, how do you like those?

I definitely agree! So far, these little clips are doing the job. I have some others coming as well to see if they are any better. Only had these clips for a few days, but they are doing the job nicely. Also, unlike other clips, these can be used to keep branches straight as well. I’ll post more info as it becomes available. What’s nice about these particular clips is their size - they’re not overly tight and also have room for growth of the branches.

Here’s the other clips I have coming (they’re actually made using 3D printing):