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Screenshot_20210610-1749476 duct fan i made from coffe can and desk fan


Both companies have good quality products, but as you stated, tend to be pricey. Both companies are primarily there for the commercial/manufacturing businesses, which generally buy in bulk (reducing price) or simply tacking on a markup and passing it on to the customer. I’ve dealt with both companies in both capacities. Grainger is more of a mechanical/electrical warehouse of parts that primarily sells to contractors. Fastenal is a fastener company (nuts/bolts/screw/washers/etc plus much more) that deals mainly in bulk with the manufacturing market. There are tons of product-specific companies out there that will not only cater to DIY entrepreneurs but if asked properly free-of-charge “samples” may be gotten.

In my younger years, I’d design and build prototypes (electronics) with all free parts gotten as samples. Manufacturers of the actual parts do this quite often in the hopes of getting their product into someone else’s, creating a perpetual revenue stream.

Yes, I have a great purple haze all in my brain at the moment, so I’ll just apologize for my long-winded answer…

I tend to get what I need from the salesmen that deliver to projects. It is a lot cheaper. It helps to look for things on those projects being thrown away too.

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Same type of situation - depends on the business type as to whether salesmen visit the premises.