Flowering too soon. HELP!

I have two types plants of unknown type, probly Gelato and / or Cookies & Cream or an New York OG something. Inherited them from an abandoned Mexican grow. Got them 1st week of June already about a foot tall (all different sizes). They are in different size pots, 1 gal, 3 gal I think, and IDK if 5 gal. They had all been in the ground and were thrown into the pots temporarily to move. Also the soil is not good soil. When the Mex’s started there was no phagnum moss or perlite or Coco choir for the dirt companies and they bought cheap dirt for a giant grow with sticks in it because they were using chemical nutes

Also, there has been no water again today.? But every one of them is root bound, some 3 & 5 gal only have half the dirt in them they should. I am disabled and didn’t get help transplanting them & I’m In Oregon where the heat has been so bad and had half them in the half shade all this time. I was still going to transplant them any day now, but the nights turned TEMPORARILY QUITE a bit colder at night and 85 to 90 degree days for 4 days right when I gave them double food (Liqui-Dirt with bat guano & all the goodies in it, doesn’t say the NPK). Two days later they started to flower and I still want to transplant but worry they might stop flowering. Also because it is going to get hot again. The light didn’t change, but it got cold, and I did give them a little extra food, but not a lot more than the past. It’s going to get HOT again. I don’t know if it’s too early for flower or if they are on schedule. I don’t know if they are autoflower because the Mexicans had built greenhouses I assume to light deprive them in succession so that their 22,000 sq feet didn’t flower all at once. I want them to continue to flower because it would be hard for me to finish them all later in the year and since we have LaNina, we could get early monsoon rains or who knows what in October or especially in November too cold and wet & mold like my first year 2 years ago if they go back into veg now.

I need to know
#1 Do you think they might be autoflower, it’s strange they ALL went into flower both types on the SAME DAY after stress and no water for 2 days and cold nights and then EXTRA Liqui-Dirt. Do you think all three things put them into flower or was it just close to time autoflower (Don’t know if the Mexicans plant autoflower???

#2 will it hurt to transplant drop into bigger pots??? I don’t want them to veg. I moved half of them from the half shade to the sun, but the ones in the sun started flowering on same day. (40 or so medium size plants, hope to cobb many to make it simple for me to harvest).

#4 approx how long they will be in flower (when will they finish)

#4 I’m growing ORGANIC, is there an organic flowering nute I can give or just stick with Liqui-Dirt.

#5 I was going to lollipop them but some would end up with only one or two branches if I did. But should I go ahead and remove some small bottom and inside branches or at least leaves? Or should I lollipop some of them 1/3 bottom anything?

I’m worried also if I don’t transplant they won’t produce very many flowers.

#6 Edit: If I do decide to transplant should I then wait to trim the thicker middle branches / leaves?

Welcome to the club @KingdomWarrior !

It’s hard to say at this point if they’re Auto or photo, as photos are starting to flower now too.

In regards to them flowering at the same time, it’s thought they have hormonal signals they send and they’ll “synchronize” with each other (think women living in the same house). I’ve seen it myself in my sisters grow this year - 3 autos, one photo: the autos decided it was time in late July and the photo just went along with it. They’re all about week 3 flower right now.

I’m in the transplant camp. If you do it right you won’t hurt them. Rule of thumb is double the size of the pot. I made a post that covers the basics:

Depending on the cultivar, it can take as little as 6 weeks, up to 14-16. If it was a “commercial” grow you can probably bet it’s more in the range of 8-10. You’ll want to keep an eye on pistil hairs and trichomes to determine when the ripeness is where you want it.

I like organic dry fertilizer (4-8-4) and worm castings for feeding. I mix them right into my potting soil blend and also top dress with them according to their feeding schedules. Bottled nutes seem way too complicated IMO but plenty of folks have great success with them.

Wow quick reply thank you. I’ll read your transplant post right away. What brand dry fertilizer is that you mentioned? ( I can’t mix it in unless I decide to transplant ). (Seems to me if I just slide them outta the pots & drop into bigger ones without disturbing the roots it won’t shock them). Thanks so much! Been lurking here on this great forum for a few weeks.

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Well what can I say… This has sorta been my entertainment while I’m waiting for my girls to finish up. :grin: Chatting with the canna community about the plant we all love. :hugs:

Yep that’s basically all there is to it. Handle it gently - get it out without yanking on the stem or disturbing the roots or breaking any branches and she’ll never even know.

The fertilizer brand I’ve been using is Down-to-Earth. I’ve used Dr Earth “Flower Girl” as well. Both I can find locally or on Amazon.

Good luck on your grow man! Look forward to some pics. They don’t let you post many early on, but they ramp it up after you’ve been around for a while.

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Well, you must have your “editor” badge now eh? :rofl:

As far as lollipops, yum always. I’d just remove the interior nodes if you’re outdoor - and everything below 1/3. If you don’t have buds yet clean the nodes up to the tip or leave the top 3. It’s like tomatoes. Get rid of those sucker branches.

Indoor, I’d want an even canopy at the top. Outdoor, I want like a sphere cause the light can come from all angles through the day.

5.5 - if it’s root bound in the current soil you won’t get great flowers. Just try to keep the transplant shock to a minimum and whatever hiccup you might get from that is preferable to flowering in too small a pot IMO.

Shameless plug for my organic potting mix:

6 - I generally wait till after transplant but it’s always a judgement call. If I thought I could lollipop enough to where I wouldn’t risk soil on the leaves I might do it first.

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