Flowered clone re veg

1st time revegging a clone with a flower, the flower is gone now & has some new growth but looks like it might be herming?

Hi! Nice to meet you, another @mikes !

If you cloned during flower, she’s more than likely going to flower again as her hormones were already prepared for it. @CkNugz can you assist? @MDBuds ,is wayyy better at this as I have failed each attempt, but I have done this before.

Perhaps start here.

This is called monster cropping usually 2nd - 4th week of flower is when you take a clipping, then dip it in your chosen rooting hormone, re-veg the clone, takes a bit longer to do but it makes for a heavier yield. Or better yet use aloe…

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I’m a person that appreciates you breaking it into concise steps. Thanks! :v:

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I was just wondering about the new growth on the clone in the pic, it did have a flower on it, now it has what looks like lil football shaped growth popping out, i just want to make sure they are not pollen sacs?? im not very good at taking pics…

Just a tidbit…when you reveg, the plant gets weird looking for a couple / few weeks…Deformed leaves…After enough light, it will resume vegetative growth as long as you are 14 + hours of light. When I re-veg, I do 24/0, the 20/4 week later and down to 18/6 where I stay until re flip…Sometimes you have to transplant as the root mass can be large from the previous grow

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@mikes I see no pollen sacs but I do see fuzzy’s (a web)which drive me crazy when I see them on mine personally, but this looks like hemp russet mites which I’ve never encountered… like @Mrb53004 said the leaves do look funny when you re-veg.

thats what i was hoping for, there are some strange looking leaves, the web is actually the white fuzzy cotton looking things that blow around every spring here, they get into everything especially sticky cannabis. thanks…