Cloning: How To Reap Its Amazing Benefits

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Agricultural practices are constantly improving and evolving. The constant development, especially in alternative plant production strategies, widens the spectrum of choices in generating desired yields. Cannabis cloning, for example, is a quick and economical method with high return probability.


Hey, total newb here. Had a question about one of my plants. Light fixture came down and snapped it pretty close to the base. looks like a stick in the soil lol. was gonna toss it today when I noticed growth points starting to form. Can I grow it out still? treat it as a well rooted clone? thanks !

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Yes you can keep growing it. You just have to reveg it longer so it has time to heal up and keep growing. Cannabis is extremely resilient in that regard. As long as it has roots and stored energy from starches it will make new leaves to photosynthesize if the stem is broken.

You could have even repaired it with a splint and some twine or tape. Put the main stem back on and place two or three popsicle sticks or pieces of bamboo or whatever you have laying around right against it in the soil then wrap it up tight with some twine and tape. I’ve managed to repair whole colas broken off by wind and other things this way. When it comes back around it will just have a huge knot where the damage was previously.


Good info if I ever break a branch. Thanks

Yes indeed I have four clones started for next grow just transferred them

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Just started researching YouTube to try cloning. Will keep the forum posted.

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Yes many good videos just fine you good root starter

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