Fall Autos started

OK… @Chasworks. Ready for the fall run? The summer heat is gone along with the hard grows. I almost popped some ethos fem photos but… You know how much I love growing my autos.

Here’s what’s planned for the fall… (im gonna wait on the Pinot Noir run till these are well into flower)

The first is already 28 days from bean drop today and the others are 20 days behind at 1 week since planting.

Samsquanch OG x Skywalker OG x Northern Cheese Haze Auto - She definitely getting some decent lateral and vertical stretch and her nodal spacing makes defoliation unnecessary. Very minimal leaf tucking to this point. Im going to hold the spectrum as is through stretch and try to induce as much stretch as possible before changing spectrum and intensity schedules. Probably see how she branches for a couple weeks before clipping more lowers. but gonna go 20hrs on for this cycle.

Right now she’s squeezed right in between 800w of lamp getting prime position as the seedlings come along.

The seedlings…

Sour Stomper Auto - Small but healthy stem.

Pineapple Runtz Auto - one of my faves as you know @chasworks. The strongest of the seedling so far with a nice separation from the dirt and healthy looking stem.

Wedding Cake Auto - Growing decent with a nice heathy stem as well.

Ill let you know how she goes in a few weeks and if all the seedling make it through. Now that’s its fall and conditions are choice, I’ll definitely be putting the effort forth to bring in my best run ever. Very few adjustments for this round just some minor amendment changes and lighting spectrum adjustments for the seedling/ veg.

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All planned out & well on your way! Oct is the last month of the rainy season here: the out door plant was a major contributor to my worm bin for some super charged castings along with the fruit and veg: add some lime to the worm bin also. The sample bud was ok, plants needs more time gaining weight thinking of taking them down in two stages: :yin_yang:

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Yeah let the lower stems go longer if you can… Its nice to chop it all at once but its nice to let them ripen a little. I have a couple of earth boxes im using as worm bins/castings. I just buy a half cubic bag of Colorado worm company casting I get through bas and mix it in with some soil… They are great and generally loaded with the right insects and lots of worms. I basically just use it to cover top dresses.

looking decently for an Autoflower with unstablized genetics… At 32 days from seed and she’s close to 2ft now… Hoping she’ll go till about 30". Stems and foliage look good (of course…shes in an earthbox :slight_smile:

As she stretches her branching and nodal spacing are looking better each day. I pruned a few of the lowest branching and the lowest fans dragging the ground but that’s about it.

From the late summer Autoflower run…

Some early too decay Autoflower nugs… she’s going into cure soon.

Pinot Noir (Left) Forgottong Cookies (right) auto flowers… Still curing but you know they’re getting plenty of time in the rotation right now.

Anyways, looking for what you got coming next @Chasworks

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Looks good! :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check: My Auto stash is down to (3) small ball jars of cured:

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Thats a great idea with the EB you use to produce worm castings: i was using a trash can which produced both castings and worms: my worm bin now allows access from the bottom so i am producing castings, worms, feeding them the nutrients to start the process of breaking them down to plant ready in my worm bin! :yin_yang::heavy_check_mark::100:

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That’s about the end of stretch… she will extend the ends out probably another inch or two but she’s ready to start stacking.

Gave her a little defoliation (about 12 leaves) and a few of the lowest nodes. She made it to 30" pretty easily and looks like her top will get to about 3ft… Her genetics put her into that medium sized auto so in terms of size she living up to her potential. Aside from the vertical stretch, you can see the satellites got good lateral stretch and the bottom stems are close 2ft.

38 days from seed (35ish from sprout). Samsquanch OG x Skywalker OG x Northern Cheese Haze - Top view - not much to say… she did her job in veg and we’ll see how she flowers. A decent top dress of craft blend and worm castings yesterday to take her through the next 4 weeks.

Better view of satellites - She spaced herself nicely with some gentle massaging… although a couple got a minor super cropping on accident.

And she’s starting to ball up a little as she finishes stretch… Should be seeing some nice sized golf balls by next week.

@Chasworks she should be looking great by day 45… Ill update the pic around then and check in on the seedlings ill be keeping.

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They are coming along nicely! Looking good, i began to take some tops above the net on my grow: :yin_yang:

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Day 45 from bean drop… She finally stopped stretching her main stem (which went over 3ft easy) and started stacking full throttle the last few days as she is gulping it down right now. She’s probably getting into the top dress now. Since she stretched her top so much I off set the peak between two 550’s that are dropped down closer to the satellites and I push each side directly under the light for half the day.

Samsquanch x Skywalker x northern cheese auto - She starting to fill her spacing in and should make for some nice racks.

A little easier to see the stretch of the satellites from the bottom view… The top view always seems to distort it.

The satellites branched and spaced nicely and she’s gonna fill it all in.

From the front/ top view.

And finally… the nugs. Filling in beautifully and pistils look great. About another month and she should look pretty stacked… She starting to throw off some pretty good odor… mostly im smelling some cheesy samsquanch OG but we’ll see how she develops as the Skywalker can wait on her rank till pretty late in flower.

@Chasworks ill check with you at next mile stone… end of stacking and on to the sequins and finish.

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Looks Good from all point of views :wink: She is definitely is hitting on all cylinders! :heart: Stay lit :sunny::palm_tree:

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@Chasworks ok finally decided on the new seedlings… 2 - Pinot Noir, Sour Stomper, ghost roof (Toof Decay x Fantasmo). And then gonna try a couple freebie seeds… Double Grape x CDLC X Mango Smile and a Fugue State x Pink Panama.

The two Pinot Noir autos at about 7 days from drop now. Notice the leaves on the second one… Has me interested for sure.

The freebies - Fugue State x Pink Panama (left) and Double Grape x cdlc x mango smile

Sour stomper auto 5 days from planting. The ghost toof just came out the ground this morning and still in the dixie.

Have the tent dialed right now with highs getting into low 80’s and RH a constant 58 right now so hopefully they do good but I do want to drop that down has the flowering plant is getting pretty stacked now… For now im just increasing circulation up high.

The lighting… I have the youngest seedling under the SpectraMax 1000 hanging at 4ft from top of boxes and is at 40-50% and I have it biased to red the first and last half of day.

The seedlings that are a week out of the ground now are und the 550s and about 40" from top box and the light intensity / spectrum is now on their veg program.

The flowering plant is maintaining RH in the whole tent with a little help from misting the top layer of dirt in the EBs. She is still directly in between two 550s just soaking it up in the flower

Keeping the top in between is keeping her happy and still getting plenty of PAR up top.

At the Main stem top during peak of the day.

Left Side at top satellites (I have that one slightly higher as it is translighting seedlings)

Right side at top of satellites… Then I rotate her a quarter turn to get the front and back which are reading 750-900 PAR.

It is really amazing how deep down the 550s push. Again, imo the best lights to flower under and RWB is fully controllable and 20 setting per day. And they are hot intense like the sun so run them up high.

Filling the stems out nicely

No crispy top… But still getting hammered by the light.

Satellites filling in… Im hoping she finishes up in the next 4 weeks.


You have it down to a science! :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::heart: Looking forward to following along :eyes:

Definitely some interesting leaves on the second Pinot Noir I planted. Ive had a few over the last year like this but they usually start growing normal leaves by the 3rd set of leaves. She’s very much starting out squat compared to the one below which is pretty much how 90% of them start out.

Pinot Noir Auto #1 - Very typical and expected for this strain. I already plucked the first two stems that won’t stretch.

Ghost Toof Auto - 2nd day out of the dirt. Ghost Toof is a gnarly one if you’ve not grown it. It is a cross between Toof Decay (blueberry x grapefruit) and Fantasmo (OG Ghost Train #1 (rare dankness) bred to auto. If she grows as expected she will have a massive vertical and lateral stretch and make room for all her dankness.

Fugue State x Pink Panama Auto - This is a freebie and I have not run the pink Panama but love the fugue state. The seeds were tiiiinnny. So although this seedling is a week out now I am happy since she started so small.

Sour Stomper Auto - 3 days out of the ground… She didn’t look great but its my last seed of her so she’s gotta kick it into gear. Im starting to see the second set of leave grow so…

Double Grape x CDLC x Mango Smile Auto - Another freebie… I love the Pinot Noir so add some mango to it and see what she does.

Stacking up, smelling up, frosting up. She’s stacking about as healthy as I could hope with a few weeks to go.

Stems filling the empty space in quickly up to the tops.

Pistils decaying and folding in at a great pace.

Branching filling in as well

Really did a nice job branching for a medium sized auto.

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They all look good, i have not grown any of the genetics that you have grown! Only had 1 run of auto’s but would be interested in growing them in the Fem or Reg version :yin_yang:

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For Autos I pretty much just grow Mephisto and a few strains of ethos (pineapple Runtz and a couple others). Mephisto is by far the most consistent across their catalog and are Automatic’s only and it’s all really good….if you know how to grow them and there is definitely some experience with each strain that helps. Even at that i pretty much run and re-order the same 12-15 Strains…. I know what I like and the way it has to hit and for autos I haven’t found better for overall flower quality which is what it’s all about.

I did pop a couple photo beans (regs)…. I’m hopi ng I get two females but if I get a male one going to take the pollen. I dropped them now because I want to do a 60-75 day veg and flower about the end of January.

The photos are Super Skunk x End Game #5 (ethos). The seeds were Huuuge… I should of snapped a pic… the biggest cannabis seeds I’ve ever seen :wink:

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@Chasworks i think I will run this a an auto/photo run the first couple months till I flip the photos and the autos are done.

Since I’m going to do photos I might as well fill three quads (six plants) so I’ll drop a few more photo seeds. This is really perfect time of year to run photos for me weather wise and I can run my lights hot.

For the photo run… I think I’ll mix it up a little by quad.

Super Skunk x Endgame #5 - ethos freebie
Mandarin Cookies R3 - ethos
Fanta Sea - ethos
Sour Diesel - Humboldt
Pineapple Muffins - Humboldt

Should be an interesting run and want to compare the sour d to what I had from HG which wasn’t my fave. Hoping for more of a classic west coast 90s flavor from Humboldt.

I had some HG seeds still (Steve’s dream Queen) but I couldn’t find them :frowning: I wanted to really compare them vs Humboldt… maybe next time as I also want to run Kyle’s Sweet Island and Strawberry cough. And I’ll run them with ethos again as everything I’ve ran from them is very stable and primo quality herb. So should be interesting and I’ll start a photo thread once I prepare the boxes and get ready to pop them.

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Sounds good, i picked up some seeds this time around! Most likely a few to many brown outs! GG is prone to do it if there is hic ups! Going to relax for a minute, then see whats next :yin_yang: I will be following along keep me in the loop.

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Yeah I may take my first break in years after the photo run as ill have plenty of herb in the jars.

Day 60 update - Time flies…Seems like I just planted her yesterday. She is just over the top foul… Pungent, Cheesy, skunky. Not much sweet to her aroma, just pure rank. But you know how beautiful she’ll be on the pallet. Smells very old school high grade to me. Im totally drooling already :slight_smile:

Samsquanch OG x Skywalker OG x northern cheese haze - Day 60 from seed. Front view

Lighting for the autos… Ill use that 4x8 space to flower the fotos in January.

Lighting to veg the fotos. Ill veg them for as long as I can in the 4x4 space and hope I don’t have to open another quad.

Top day 60

Satellites day 60

Lower satellite top

Stems and branching stacked well… and quick. She’s a fast finisher. She started to slow down on her water the last day or so so im gonna let the box dry out a couple days before watering again. Doesn’t look like shell go past 75 but we’ll see.

The first to fotos popped - Super skunk x endgame #5

The rest the photos should be out in a couple days… Mandarin cookies r3, Fanta Sea, Pineapple Muffins, and Sour D.

The oldest of the autos - About 15 days. The most excited about the second one if she’ll stretch should be a doozy.

The Fugue State x Pink Panama - This was the super tiny seed but she’s progressing nice and is gorgeous little indica dom… Hoping she’s saving it for the stretch although I expect her to be on the smaller side based on genetics.

DGxCDLCXmango smile - looks pretty stock for her parent strains as the first Pinot Noir does.

Sour Stomper at about a week now. All I can say is please grow… I need this one (my last seed)

Mephisto’s Wedding day 2 - I replace the ghost toof with this one for the final auto as I don’t want to wait till after photos to run her again… My favorite wedding cake bar none, foto or auto. We’ll see how the Fanta Sea foto does in comparison.

So six autos to finish before flowering the six fotos. Hoping to jar 50 oz and that should be a good half a year of smoke for me. Cheers my friend. Ill update you at finishing and of course start a detailed thread on the fotos (environment, media, etc.) once I get them going good.

Just some pictures… She turning pretty fast now. End of 64 days from seed. Im thinking she’s still tracking for the 72-75 days. Hoping for next Sunday! All the fotos popped except for the sour D so getting them ready for their EB’s.

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@Chasworks she’s been hanging since Thanksgiving days. Drying conditions are about perfect and she should be done in another 10 nights or so… I think hanging by herself the most I can get is about 2 weeks.

Just over 3 weeks now on the autos… This PN has been one of the leafiest ive grown and she’s been way more work than planned.

The Fugue State x Pink Panama starting to show her sativa roots after the funky start. She is not in a hurry but ive had to do nothing with her. Starting to stretch some beautiful skinny sativa legs and her foliage is just dying to express all her colors.

The sour stomper at almost 2 weeks is coming on strong so ill update her on the next.

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Oldest autos at just over 4wks from seed (30ish out of the ground).

The Pink Panamas x Fugue State - started small and they’ve been very steady and no hurry to flower. The other freebie seed is already in the middle of stacking :frowning:

The smaller Pink Panama X Fugue State (in same earth box. Growing slow and steady and has stretched nicely laterally. Hopefully she starts going up.

You can see in this pic the bigger is definitely going sativa like and the smaller staying a little more squat and has had 4 finger leaves most the way up. The foliage on the bigger sativa dominant is going to express all her colors and looks very comfy stretching… If she’ll keep stretching and then start stacking about day 40 id be very happy and shell be a big girl.

The Pinot Noir AUto (Double Grape x CDLC) - The most bushy one ive grown (and ive grown a lot of them). I really hate to defol an auto as much as ive had to with this one but it is what it is. She just won’t stop stacking foliage and stems. Ive already cut the bottom 6 stems off her and she still has 12 she’s trying to stretch out right now. Im really hoping for she keeps stretching as she transitions to flower (this strain typically continues to stretch well into stacking)

Sour Stomper Auto at about 3 wks. Just starting to sex and stretch the stems out… Im expecting her to have a nice stretch up if she can hold off flower for a couple weeks. Very excited this one made it.

Wedding Cake Auto day 9 - Slowly but surely coming along.

DGXCDLCXMango Smile Auto - Freebie seed - Just went to flower early… Shell be close to done by time the others in her age group get into stacking. Bit of a disappointment but she smelling sweet and fantastic at least. Hopefully I can pull 30g off her…

The dry on the Samsquanch OG x Skywalker OG x Northern Cheese Haze is going perfectly. SHes a heavy girl and looking like an easy 5oz on her… She’ll be a very nice haul for an auto.

The photo seedlings coming along… Trying to hold them back just a little as I had to replant the mandarin cookies. I tried another sour D seed and it failed again… not even a tap root. so all of those from Humboldt I think are bad as everything else popped.

@Chasworks as you can see, the tent has a lot going on but I like the challenge of the autos at various stages. Now putting the fotos on the plate too… should be fun. Gonna shut work down till. after the first so plenty of time for botany!

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